hey guys was a back with another video as always I'm doing the first intro now there will be about a trailer always but I'm just showing you that this is episode 2 series 1 and if you like this and if you have any suggestions please leave something in the comments down below thank you very much so it's likely subscribe Pete's video of course episode 2 season 1 you guys really liked episode 1 and we saw some pretty nice feedback as you gave us now of course we are gonna be making me daily now you saw that you would like them of course if you want any other context please request the description now say hi to mr. Rodman here which is our athlete okay just silly dad's guys if you're gonna be able to goes over the day and you can see here is vilest this is all this so today we are doing stretching for one minute chocolate actual wooden push-ups for 30 seconds 45 seconds of squats 15 seconds of Archer push-ups and by sections of pipe anyhow that's a toughie jiggly Danny let's just skip it start it up we can wander baby at all stretches follow a roll it on okay on your own type of stretch do it I'm gonna the stretches thoughts now I can see going backwards could you please explain to do what you're doing yes what type of sketches are you doing it's like just stupid yeah that's the pirate arm we call it the pirate are here those are the wiggly wobbly those are the scales ah quit your push you got your boat do that forward and backward so jockey jacks jumping jacks yes you'll be Jax is pretty tiring you know is you want to take the break as you can see I was quite tired but it is the end of the sale price so we'll just put it in our breaks back from the break burn these settings will push off to up next you guys are welcome to break it anytime but we decide to have a break in between at least two so the next break will be after a 45 seconds of squats so let's stop 30 seconds and to position and I see here he is in the push-up position on the right now feel free to go on your knees is your aren't too good at these push-ups here do us one push-up so they can see and he knows touching the floor but the stomach judgement anyhow but the princess of the pushup spots now the perfect world which is but a book your arms just push-ups 15 seconds of Archer push-ups yes which was slightly harder but for you you could do it anyway guys 45 seconds of what Cindy very well keep I'll be pretty annoyed with sports you like squats but this but this German video was assembled by a couple of the members a couple other people assembled a list anyhow Assad's off the road to give us a demonstration Lepke okay so move 45 seconds to start it does make your legs tired that's why I have a break after this that from the break and we are up here with Archer push-ups and here Robin we have back from the Red Robin some people probably won't know what Archer push-ups also could you please to show them sideways yes and then you don't your standard push-up position in my career anyhow 15 seconds starts now there are these are pretty easy for 15 seconds but for some people depending on how you are these could be harder than normal push-ups no special fall that's all 15 seconds guys now I'm gonna use a one last 30 seconds of squats and that will be it so guys 30 seconds I made 36 the planks my mistake it's the guys in your right position something if you don't know what we're gonna keep this up for 30 seconds okay you just need to make sure that your bottom doesn't go too high and your stomach doesn't touch the floor start so Craig for 30 seconds as you see it's talking about touching oh that's just his shirt now make sure you don't keep make sure you don't put your bottom in the air is that's what we call Harbour Bridge just in between it's hitting the floor and becoming Harbour Bridge now we sure don't want a harbor as it is not only still beat at that position this is a harbor bridge but that is our log Lord and that does mean that this video has just come to an end so guys if you wished for more umm you wish for more workouts well if you wish for more workouts and you have some suggested shops or things that we can do write them down in the comments and if you liked the video like if you did it then you're free to dislike and I happen to like and subscribe these are message from our opener that's right then leave like if you enjoyed this video