– Welcome to GCN's Race Winning Intervals Indoor Training Session. Again, this one is a real brute, but will certainly get you
in the right kind of shape and condition for when
you're out in the road, needing to make those
big, maximal efforts, that will of course make a big difference. It's a long session, around 53 minutes, and it's been sadistically designed by a certain Mr. Dan Lloyd, who hasn't actually graced
us with his presence today. But lesser that, we're into the warm-up, three minutes long. We've got a few new faces with us today, so we'll do a few introductions. We have Lindsay, out in front. Juliet at the back. Also Charlotte at the back. And the man of many faces at the back needs no real introduction, Mr. Tom Last. Looking forward to seeing
what facial expressions he pulls today. And then we have Mr. Simon Richardson, who's gonna be certainly dropping a few wattage bazooka bombs during this session. Now gradually, during
this three minute warm-up, we need to ramp up the intensity so a perceived effort level
of around three to five. And then after the first three minutes, of the warm-up, we're
gonna continue through a slightly more progressive warm-up. We're gonna do some high cadence spins and a perceived effort
level of around eight, but three of those, with a
minute of easy riding in between. So we don't actually start
the intervals themselves until eight minutes into the session. And then, the hard work really begins. We got six sets of reps. The start of each session
is 30 seconds flat out, so a perceived effort level of 10, or the hardest you can go for 10, well for 30 seconds. Then, you're gonna be
riding for three minutes at your FTP, so your
functional threshold power. And that's the kind of
effort that you can sustain for around about an hour. And then to top off that, you got a further 10 second
sprint before thankfully, you have a four minute
nice and even session, not to warm down, just to spin
the legs and get you ready for the next set of intervals. So, about 50 seconds to go
in these first three minutes. It's just worth mentioning,
we're using Wahoo KICKRs paired up with our
ELEMNTs, our Wahoo ELEMNTs. And we're gonna be
adjusting the resistance using our Wahoo ELEMNTs, so
if you've got those at home, you can do exactly the same. Otherwise, no matter if you've
got a smart trainer or not, all about perceived
effort between one and 10, and I'll talk you through as we go. So for that perceived effort of four now, we will be dropping in to our first 15 second spin, so quite a
high perceived effort level, but all at high cadence, okay? So, use your toggles to adjust
the resistance if you need to. Three, two, one, okay. 15 seconds. So quite hard, but not brutal. Spin those legs. This is just to get your
body in a good place for the sprints that lay ahead, and we've got three of these. Okay, ease off. For a minute now, just spin your legs, keep the blood flowing,
just gear down a little bit. Okay. We've got a minute, another
15 seconds, high cadence. Then another minute. And then we start the intervals. And it's really important,
because this is a long session, the combination of sprints micro intervals and endurance,
you're gonna go pretty deep, so make sure your house,
wherever you happen to be riding is very well-ventilated. Perhaps I should have said
that before the start, really. And make sure you keep yourself hydrated. So, around 15 seconds to go
to the next high cadence spin. So again, using a
combination of the gears, and your ELEMNT, adjust the
resistance but remember, it's all about your perceived exertion. So here we go. Spin those legs. 15 seconds. (intense techno music) Just get them used to
what's gonna be coming up. Two, and one, down again. (upbeat techno music) There we go. Just keep them spinning. Another 50 seconds or so. So we've got the last one of those. And then another minute, and then we start with
the sprints themselves. So start getting your
minds nice and focused for what lays in store. It is a particularly difficult session, but you'll really see the gains
if you factor this session into your training. But most important, is what is recovering in
between each of the intervals, is just making sure after
this session, you recover. Doing back-to-back sessions like this certainly isn't for everybody. So a good rest after this
session, I certainly advise. So we're coming up to another spin. Here we go, this is
the last of your spins. Really bash those legs around. And again, it's all about preparing you for the rather gruesome
sprints that lie in store. (intense techno music) Okay. Now we have about two
minutes of easy riding again. So it's really important you use these rest periods in between
each of the hard sessions, so in order to focus your mind to get your body in the right place. So make sure you're not over-geared, make sure you're not
spinning your legs too much. We want a perceived effort
level of around five here. But the knowledge of what's coming up next is pretty tough. So it's the first of six sets, remember? And we start off each set of reps with that 30 second interval, at a perceived effort level of 10. It's brutal. It's the kind of effort that
will help you get across a gap in a road race, or jump
from one group to the next in a sportive. It will help actually
build your FTP, your power, and your dynamic muscle range as well. Then of course, we have the
short sprint, 10 second ones, for essentially that
real explosive effort, but again you need to form
a race-winning breakaway just to jump across a gap, sprint to the top of a climb, but most importantly, if
you want to win a race. Or win a signpost on a club run. Or just to get you quick
and fight ready, really. Okay, 44 seconds until the first sprint. It's a perceived effort level of 10, so make sure you toggle the resistance on your ELEMNTs correctly, to keep in combination with your gears. Just under half a minute now. So make sure as you hit the
sprint, I'll count you in, you've got the right gear selected, and stick with that
gear throughout as well. Looking at about 100
RPM for these sprints. So 10 seconds to go. Remember, this is a 30
second flat-out sprint. And I want to see it written
large on your faces, okay? No hiding place. Three, two, one, go! (intense techno music) Come on! Two, one, okay now, FTP, no relaxing now. It's around a perceived effort
level of seven or eight. It will take a while to catch your breath, but you want to settle into it. Make sure that over-gear that's bit. This is akin to making a move in a race, attacking off the front, and then getting into a solo move or getting into a breakaway
and sustaining the effort that needs to keep you clear
of those chasing behind. They're tough, but they're in the bank, so keep pressing on. Don't forget to keep nice and cool. Use your GCN towels,
available in the shop, to wipe your brow. Keep drinking. I might be quiet for a minute. I'm kind of nudging in the red a bit. RPM should be around 90. I tell you what, we'll have a
word down about this session. Absolutely obscene. When you run one rep in as well. These last two doing there, because this session is so long, don't be afraid occasionally
to just gear up a little bit, keeping the same intensity effort-wise, just relieve your back. It's no problem at all. Riding on a home trainer, on our KICKRs, but that replicates riding on the road. Not quite the same in terms of the impact
factors on your body, so don't be afraid to get out of saddle, rest your back, your bum, your glutes, before settling back down. Okay, a minute to go, guys. Just looking around the room,
everybody's looking good, everybody's clearly in the zone. Just stay focused. And just think about the
gains you'll get from this. I gain hopefully, in the immediate future
after this session, is a nice, cheeky, flat white. Okay, 30 seconds. But remember, at the back of this, we've got a 10 second sprint, perceived effort level of 10. So absolutely max it. Look at keeping the revs high, yeah? So 100 RPM, really, is ideal
for that sort of top end speed. I'm counting from five, all right? You know what's coming up. Four, three, two, one, 10 seconds! (intense techno music) Okay. Okay, four minutes, back
down to level three. Fantastic work. (upbeat techno music) Good stuff guys. This is really, really good. Okay, drop it down to level three. Use your toggle on your ELEMNT
to knock down that resistance in accompany, I'm sorry,
in tandem with your gears. Just find that sweet spot. Not too much pressure on the legs. Make sure you're nice and cool. Take a sip from your bidon. It's a good opportunity in
fact, every one of these breaks, is to take a sip, a little drink. Five more to go. So three minutes left. Nice and easy. Don't be tempted to press
on, 'cause as you get deeper and deeper into this session,
those top end efforts are gonna become increasingly harder. So make sure you don't kid yourself. If it says level three for reasons, then back right off and prepare yourself. And also it's worth noting,
if you don't keep yourself recovering between each sprint, the quality of subsequent sprints will be somewhat diminished 'cause your body hasn't recovered enough. You can argue on one hand,
that's what happens in races. This is about maximising these sprints. That's why it's structured. So stick with it, nice and easy. Quite glad that these intermediate rest parts are quite long. Get a feel for your bike, and
also remind yourself as well, it's not just about
getting the raw power out, it's about getting raw power
out in a controlled fashion. So in a 10 second sprint, you're gonna be rocking around a bit, that's quite natural, but
during the 30 second interval, focus on your core, focus on keeping as still
as possible on your bike. Focus on getting the
power through the pedals in the most efficient way possible. And of course out on the open road, that is gonna propel you through the air far more efficiently,
far more effectively. And on a home trainer like
this, on a Wahoo KICKR, it's the ideal sterile environment to do these discipline drills, intervals, there's no disturbance at all. Also it's great to focus on
your body position on the bike. It comes to that, how
each leg is pedalling. Remember, if any of
you need anymore water, just stick your hands up, we'll get some fluids to you. There's nothing cool about
dehydrating midway through our 50 minute session, believe you me. So, 50 seconds 'til the next set. So get yourself ready. A last dab of the brow. Can't believe I'm
sweating so much already. 40 seconds. Okay. What are we thinking about? We've already done one set of intervals, you kind of know the
gears you're gonna be on. That first set was just
about dialling yourself in. The next one, choose the same sprocket, toggle using your ELEMNT into the right resistance level so when the second hand hits the
mark, you're ready to go. So remember, 30 seconds. Effort level is 10. We have nine seconds, so select that gear, and prepare yourself to take
a trip in the hurt locker. Here we go! Go! (intense techno music) 15! Five! And, back to FTP. Back off, but don't back off too much. This should really start to hurt now. Ordinarily after a sprint, you
want to lock it right back, but not now. This is replicating race-type efforts, specific efforts out on the road. When you can't necessarily
dictate what's happening, so you can do an effort,
somebody goes over the top, what are you gonna do? You're gonna go with them. This is what these drills are all about, sustaining the momentum,
learning how to control the pain. So perceived effort level here of eight. Try and keep it, seven to eight's fine. But also depending on your fitness level, don't go too deep this early. Know you're gonna get through the session. So measure up to be honest with yourself. Also remind yourself that these
are great marks in the bank. Two minutes. FTP, put some threshold power. The power your can sustain
for an hour, roughly. Many of you have been rigged up to heart rate monitors as well. We've got Wahoo KICKRs on. We're gonna have to factor
in an environment like this, there's about, you can get
a float of around five to 10 beats per minute. Just make sure you're aware of that. The body does react
differently in hot conditions, that's why it's important you hydrate, and you keep nice and cool. How's it going, Juliet? Good stuff. Si? Good lad. That's one boy who knows how to put himself in a hurt locker. He loves it. Okay, 45 seconds until the next sprint. Remember, it's a short one,
but really make it count. Early gear selection is a good idea. (upbeat techno music) 30 seconds. Think about what's coming up next. Think about getting the
force through the bike as effectively as possible. Also like your body position as well. Get on the drops like you're sprinting, and stay in the saddle. Think about aerodynamics as well. Think about being out on the road as efficient as possible. It's not just about the
force through your legs, it's about the hole you punch
through the air as well. Okay, five, four, three, two, one, 10 seconds! (intense techno music) And up. Okay, nice one, boys and girls. Whoo! Down to level three. Get those toggles working,
get the gear selected. Knock it onto a little ring if you want. That's two out of six. You're doing fantastic. And these sessions, as long
as you rest and recover and look after yourself, good diet, these are the way to go. Especially if you're very short on time. The vast majority of you
watching and probably studying, you've got a job, so
these sorts of sessions, if you're looking to make improvements, are really the way to go. Even if you got all day,
and you're a full time pro, these will make a difference. Okay. Spin those legs. Keep hydrated. Very easy to forget to drink
on a session like this. Can't recommend it enough,
keep yourself topped up. By the way, it's half an hour an in, and your performance will be affected, and you're wasting your time, as well as doing yourself
a potential bit of damage, so keep topped up. All's you gotta know is you're gonna have a full one of these longer indoor sessions to make sure you're fully hydrated before you get on the bike as well. I don't need to go into too much detail about how you identify that,
which I've done before. Yeah, hydration, absolutely key. Mentally focused as well. You don't want a big cooked breakfast 10 minutes before the start. Make sure your porridge is nicely settled. So two and a half minutes. (upbeat techno music) Two minutes. Effort level three. It's good to see you smiling, 'cause in one minute and 52 seconds, those smiles are gonna be
wiped off your faces once more. We're into session number three, but once we've done that, we're halfway. You're doing fantastic. Lindsay, thumbs up. Good stuff. Lasty? Thumbs down. Halfway between for Lasty. That's normal for him, he just loves it. Hopefully get some nice close-ups during the next 30 second interval of Lasty's face, which we'll
probably put on Facebook as a GIF. Okay. Just keep those legs spinning. It's almost just a perceived
effort level of three, it's just almost using
the weight of your legs to turn the pedals. Your heart rate should come back to down to come as, oh, one or two really. So please do factor in this
float in warm surroundings. So just under a minute now. You'll be thinking of the
next 20 seconds or so, picking it up. Getting that gear selection right, 'cause you know what's coming next, another 30 second flat out effort, then three minutes FTP, then another 10 second flat out sprint. And once we've done this
session, we're halfway through. Just keep it going,
you're doing fantastic. So I'm just gonna lift
it, get my gear selected. Get the resistance right. Just roll it around,
take a few deep breaths, you know what's coming,
you've done two before. This is possibly gonna hurt even more than the previous ones. Just make sure you make it
count, this is your time. Here we go. Two, one, go! 30 seconds flat out! I'm gonna stop talking. (intense techno music) Five! Come on! Okay, FTP, knock it down but not too much. This will be the bit, you'll
be gasping for breath, your legs will be screaming, but that's what it'll
be like out on the road. Can't throw in the towel. Knock it down a couple
of pegs, eight or seven. I'm struggling to talk, but
that's what it should be like. 90 RPM as a guide. Should be in the zone, up the
zone through your heart rate. Remember, riding FTP now. And FTP, midway through a session like this, feels a little bit different than just riding steady for an hour. But you should soon settle in. Find that biting point on
the pedal and just hold it. Think about your breathing as well. You shouldn't be gasping. There's that little transition period for about 30 seconds after each interval. Your body will be screaming to stop. It's about teaching your body to adapt. It's that little change over. And this is quite a
common discipline we see used by team pursuit squads. Hard, long turn in the front, drop back in to the slipstream, but it's still hard for moving
back into the wind again. Replicate a little bit, jumping across to a break, and doing a hard turn on the front. But like I said before,
you don't have to race to benefit from these. It's about improving
your physical condition, improving your dynamic range as a rider, making you far more versatile, flexible, able to adapt to whatever
the situation out on the road throws at you. (upbeat techno music) You're getting a little
explanation about FTP. It's the amount of power
you can reasonably sustain for one hour. So, it should be pretty
uncomfortable, but sustainable. When we do our videos on GCN, we have to calculate your
functional threshold power, and also your functional heart, heart rate zones as well. Search them up on GCN,
it's all there for you. And that will deconstruct this. But FTP, yeah, functional threshold power. The power you can sustain for one hour. Which sits on the perceived
scale between seven and eight. Okay, you know what's coming next. I've waffled too long. It's a 10 second sprint. Two, one, go! (intense techno music) Okay. Keep pedalling. I don't want to see
anybody stopping pedalling. Just drop it back down, all right? Drop it back down. Once we're sitting,
we're on a fixed wheel, just let the weight of
your legs carry you around. And by all means, not seen many of you get out of the saddle yet. Stick on a big gear,
adjust the resistance. Just keep the power down, here we go. Low cadence, out of the saddle. Just letting your body
weight roll the pedals over. It's immensely relieving. That's it. Thanks guys. (upbeat techno music) Now see if you stretch the back out, it really does help. Then set yourself back
down, knock it down, we've still got three minutes to recover. Wipe yourself off. Okay, 2:30. Don't be tempted to press
on, really knock it down. As I've said before, it's so important that usually you recover
in bits, the easy riding, that's exactly that, you're
not proving a point to anyone to press on through 'cause
what it'll do is affect your ability to ride FTP, and your ability to do those
ride up to the sprints. But the good news is folks, we are over halfway through the session. So give yourselves a big wahoo! – [All] Wahoo! – Good stuff! These guys are on sight. (upbeat techno music) It's very nice for a change, we've got some beats in the background. And you can always, when you're
watching this on YouTube, well actually no, don't
listen to your own beats on top of these beats, otherwise it'll be just
a big mashup of beats. Really hard to get into a rhythm. Just listen to these tunes. Okay, minute and a half now. Now we're well over halfway. But these next three are
gonna be extremely difficult, and make sure you squeeze
every single last bit of energy out, last bit of effort. Think about your form on the bike. Think about hydrating. Think about using these
rest periods effectively. And as soon as you know it, it'll be over. You can kick back with a brew, and watch GCN for a couple of hours. Okay, minute to go, keep
those legs spinning. Ideally, again, it's all
personal choice cadence. There's an optimum cadence, but again, there's a float as well, some people are far more
efficient and comfortable using low cadence, others, high cadence. Look at the pros, look at Nairo Quintana, compared to Chris Froome, for example. Both the finest riders of a generation out on the roads of the grand tours, but pedalled with remarkably different but effective pedalling styles. There is a video about that as well, to learn more about the
way you pedal a bike, learn more about the
importance of dynamics. It's a really interesting subject. And meanwhile, back to us, mere mortals, 20 seconds to go. You wanna be dialling the gear in. Using your toggle on your
ELEMNT to set that resistance. You know what's coming up,
it's 30 seconds, flat out, perceived effort level of 10. Two, one, go! Okay, all out! (intense techno music) Come on! Five! Okay, knock it down, back to FTP. This is gonna hurt for about 30 seconds, when your body fights it. You've just gotta fight back. Find your rhythm. Try and hold your body still. Keep it as efficient as you can. Slowly the lactic will subside. Just get to the point where the lactic is kind of tolerable. We like to call that the bite point. And that's what people, the men and women who ride and attempt the
fearsome our record call it is the bite point. Don't press any harder 'cause you'll blow. Lift up the pedals, you
won't beat the record. That's what FTP's all about. And the more you do this,
the more you understand about where you can push yourself, how far to where you can push yourself. And in doing it, you'll actually make
yourself more efficient, you'll be able to go quicker, in tandem with all the drills
that you've taught yourself, including your shape on the bike. There's no point in being
strong if you're like a sail going through the air. So think about body position, while doing these hard efforts. Keep it going guys. It's fantastic. One more sprint after this, and two more reps 'til the end. Come on. (upbeat techno music) Come on, Lasty. Charlotte. Good stuff. And the weird thing about this, you kind of have to enjoy this. You will hate it, but you
kind of love it as well. It's really difficult to explain, especially when it's over. Well I'm used to these
kind of interval sessions when I was racing, I
used to get more nervous for the intervals than I did a race. Three visits to the loo, not uncommon before an interval session. Can't say, it's a family show. Okay. Coming up to 30 seconds. Really good work, you guys. Okay, 15. You know what's coming next? A 10 second blast, yeah. Really make it count, guys. Toggle your ELEMNT, select your gear. Two, one, go! (intense techno music) And one! Okay. Fantastic work, guys. Absolutely fantastic. Keep pedalling, don't stop, okay? Don't stop in a road race. Keep it going, that's it. Now weirdly, your body will
start to get rid of those toxins that still hurt. (upbeat techno music) Just spin those legs nice and easy, back to number three. Make sure you lower the
resistance on your ELEMNT as well. So get your breathing back to normal, let your heart rate drop. And use this valuable four minutes to have a bit of a stretch. Keep the legs turning, stretch out a bit. This is basically active recovery,
so you're still pedalling, still keeping that blood
pumping around the body and making sure you're kind
of ready for the next session. We've got four in the
bag already, two to go. I can actually, actually get, what's that in here? Coffee. Okay, two and a half minutes. Keep sipping on those drinks. Keep spinning those legs. Remember a lot of the
hard work is already done, so you should be able to push
on even that little bit harder for the next two. Try and give it that extra 1%. It's very natural for these
long interval sessions, but interval sessions have
a pretty long duration to gear back at the start,
so you're fresh near the end. But now you've got four behind you. The finish line is almost in sight. So really make sure that
these next two sessions count. And then it's feet up time. Well, sort of. So a nice spin. Hydrate. One minute 30. So just, just have the 15
minutes of the entire session to go, guys, so you've
done absolutely fantastic. Again, put in that little stretch. Don't be afraid. Also recruits different muscle groups, and when you recruit
different muscle groups, the muscle groups you've
been recruiting before get their rest. That's why you see
riders on the mountains, some more than others, but jumping in and out of the saddle, changing their cadence,
accelerating on the big gear, standing up on tweaking the low gear, so about efficiently using
the different muscle groups. There's no harm putting
that torque through the bike at low power. Okay, we're coming up in 40 seconds to the penultimate set of reps. So again make sure you use your ELEMENTs to adjust that resistance
in tandem with the gears. So this is in 20 seconds time is the penultimate 30
second, flat out effort. So I'm absolutely dripping with sweat, it's pretty warm in here. That's why it's so crucial
to keep yourself hydrated. Meanwhile, we have five seconds. You know what to do, get it
dialled in as you adjust. One, and go, 30 seconds! (intense techno music) Keep it going! Okay, down to FTP. Adjust your ELEMENTs. And that allows you to speed
to your KICKR at the back, adjusting that resistance,
use your gears as well. But remember, don't ease off. Level seven or eight. This is wonderful work, guys. Lindsay, you all right? Good stuff. You all right, Si? That is serious effort. Remember, three minutes of FTP, functional threshold power. Another reminder, it's
the power you can sustain for an hour. Broken down into six
nasty little sessions. It's like an FTP sprint
sandwich, effectively. So choose the cadence that suits you between 80 and 100, sweet spot's kind of 90. Obviously if you do
have an ELEMNT at home, you can see your power, you
can see your heart rate, you can see your cadence,
it's all there for you. And many other functions as well. One minute 30. Keep it going. So just think of the
benefits you're gonna reap winning that town sign, getting a personal best, riding the Maratona, and a personal best
time, or getting around for the first time ever, and responding on those beautiful
corners in the Dolomites. (upbeat techno music) One minute. Come on guys, keep it nice and smooth. Again, think about your body position. Think about being stable,
efficient, and aero. Striking that balance between comfort, the application of
power, and aerodynamics. That's effectively the
holy grail of cycling. Okay, 30 seconds. And then we have a 10 second sprint. And then we're into the last session. Okay, keep the pressure on. Select your resistance. 14 seconds. Okay. Gear and resistance dialled. Three, two, one, go! (intense techno music) Okay. Well done guys. One more session to go. You did so, so well. Big pat on the back after this. Knock that gear down, spin the legs, get rid of the toxins, get your breathing back to normal, have a stretch, have a drink, pat yourself down with your GCN towel. And as Charlotte's doing
there, and I said before, don't be afraid, 'cause of course, indoors, you're not moving the
bike around quite as much, you don't get that range of movement that the body's used to. So don't be afraid of doing
these little down periods, to have a bit of a stretch. Keep the pedals turning. Stretch the back out. And that will get you nice and comfortable for the final session of the day. Fantastic work so far, guys. Si's over there top and out the saddle, stretching his back. It really is. If you've never tried
that before, please do. Add a lot of value to
your training session, and relieve those muscles a little bit, and get you even in a
better state of readiness for the really hard efforts where you need to be 100%
focused and physically dialled. So two minutes 39, until
the final, brutal session, as designed by Dan Lloyd,
and I think his coach. I might be writing a sternly
worded email to those two. But all in the bank, as
we've said, an investment, and a sense of well-being
you get after this as well, we've already talked about that, a wonderful sense of well-being, that post-training afterglow you get. You enjoy your food more, you get far better
sleep if you train hard. Training-induced sleep, look it up. Fantastic sleep quality, which you need. So keep those legs spinning. I've gone for about
nearly 100 RPM for myself. Just need to spin the legs a little bit. Others, you might like
to just roll it around. Whatever's the most comfortable, whatever gets you in the best place for the final set of reps of the day. And I know, I've no doubt that all of you have been making the previous five count. But let's make this
last one extra special. So think about what's lying ahead. One minute 30 now. And make sure those legs are
as rested as they can be. One more set. Wipe that sweat off. And I always carry a
towel for these sessions, otherwise your bike won't
particularly like you afterwards. Protect those component parts. And a mat's pretty advisable too. If you have a newspaper
in the garage, it's fine. Ventilation crucial as well. So, as the beat taps on in the background, we have 40 seconds to go
'til the final session, okay? Lifting it onto the big one. Again, as I said before, make
sure for each of these efforts you've got your gear
pre-selected and fully dialled. Select that right gear to be used too for the rest of the session. Even gear up one if you want to. If you think you can gear up, really put some torque
through, it's up to you. Toggle your ELEMNT. If you've got one at home, do the same. Or just adjust the resistance
on your respective trainers, and we're nearly there. Remember, 30 seconds, the
last set of 30 seconds. Five, four, three, two,
one, make it count! (intense techno music) Come on! Good work! Three, two, one, down to FTP. Find that sweet spot, keep
pressing, it's not over yet. Find, find your breathing. I'm struggling to find mine. Crumbs. Just give us a moment. FTP, come on. Lean on it. This should still be hurting, but far more controlled and sustainable. Perceived effort level of seven or eight. And we're riding now at or around your functional threshold power. Again, little reminder, that's the amount of power
you can sustain for an hour. Okay? Should be uncomfortable. You should be pretty dialled on your bike. Find that position that's comfortable. A great tool by using your ELEMNT. Look at the power you're putting out. Fine-tune your body position,
see which is comfortable. You kind of know how over you're gonna be. Just play around with comfort and position, and eventually, you'll
find the sweet spot. One minute 30, keep it going. Come on, Charlotte. Juliet, Lasty, Si, Lindsay. Sweet. Okay, coming up to the final
minute, and then of course, we got the grand finale, where we put everything into it. It's like winning on the Champs-Elysees. Winning Alpe d'Huez. Winning the signpost
near your favourite cafe. Breaking your PB, while
you're climbing a sportive. Think of the benefits. Or just simply getting better
and fitter on your bike. That's what this is all about. Keep it going. I know you're starting
to tyre, but fight it. 30 seconds. (upbeat techno music) 20 seconds. Okay, start to toggle to the
resistance that you need. Select the gear. Remember, 10 seconds, flat out. This is it, do or die. Three, two, one, last one! (intense techno music) Okay! Fantastic. Absolutely fantastic, guys. Brilliant riding. I feel the warm down very much is important as
the rest of the package, the rest of the session, so, knock it back, just use
the weight of your legs to spin the pedals back
down to level three. Have a sip. If the bikes were closer,
I'd say, "High five." That might be a little bit dangerous. But absolutely fantastic effort, guys. Really proud of ya. And you'll definitely take those benefits out onto the road. Again, fantastic session. It will help improve your FTP, help improve your explosive sprint, your slightly longer sprint as well. So real, comprehensive package. And because of the length of the session, really great for endurance as well. Really concentrated endurance, forward slash, sprint session. And as it says, Race Winning
Intervals, right there. (upbeat techno music) So just keep spinning those legs. And we're into a three minute warm down, warm down for as long as you want, but as a minimum, you need
to do three minutes really. Let your body settle. Last thing you wanna do,
especially after that final, intense effort, is just get off your bike and go sit up, your legs
will be full of toxins, so make sure you spin your legs. Just tap your resistance
down on your ELEMNT, or on your gears, knock
onto the small ring. Just spin. But great effort, thanks for riding along. Again, introduce that, I think you only need
that session once a week, then you'll really reap the benefits. Thanks very much for
watching and taking part. And thanks guys for giving it 100%. (upbeat techno music) Whoo! Now, if you particularly
liked that session, we've got some more
Wahoo-specific sessions. In fact, I did a ride along
with members of Team Sky, including Wout Poels
and Michal Kwiatkowski over in Mallorca. And to watch that and
to watch more with us, click just down here. And for how Team Sky's
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