Hi, my name’s Daisy Barnham. I graduated from
QUT with a bachelor degree in nutrition. A nutritionist works with community groups
on a population level to make changes to everyday health. The beauty of studying at QUT was
the diversity of electives that were on offer. So I was able to study things that particularly
were relevant for me, so things like government policy and sustainability. When I was at QUT I did an 8-week placement
with Queensland Health. And that was great – I was working with a primary school up in
North Brisbane, working with the kids to teach them what vegetables and fruits were nice
and healthy and what foods they should avoid. A degree in nutrition really sets you up well
to have a whole variety of career choices in front of you. I’m now working for an environmental
and food organisation, following my passion to improve the sustainability of our food
supply. My degree in nutrition from QUT has given
me a really solid platform to go and take my skills and share them with the rest of
the world, and I think that’s pretty exciting.