The New Dynamic Content Advanced Plug-in
for Adobe® Illustrator® converts your current nutrition fact table
in your Illustrator artwork or PDF, into a new 2018 FDA
compliant table in minutes. After installing the plug-in,
select the Dynamic Tables option. Select the table,
in this case a plain text box. Select the Dynamic Tables panel
part of the Dynamic Content Advanced plug-in. Click on ‘extract’. Select the type of dynamic table
you want to turn this in to. At the left side you can see a preview
allowing you to judge before producing the table. Click ‘ok’, and the software
provides a list of changes and an indication of the mandatory
nutrition fact elements, putting zeros where a value
needs to be updated. All the regulatory elements
are at the right position, in the right order,
with the right numbers beside it. The only thing
you still need to do is fill out the missing data in the window
by double clicking the values, changing them, hit ‘apply’ and the whole table is updated
and transformed into a dynamic element. Next thing you need to do
is replacing the old table with the new one. You can do this by placing a crosshair
at the center of the old table, delete and replace it by the new one
at exactly the same position. Use the Studio 3D tool to have a look
at your mockup for your reference. Let’s look at another example. Again,
we open the Dynamic Tables and we check the data
that is generated from this text table. Click on ‘extract’. Choose the appropriate standard,
while looking at a preview. Click ‘ok’,
and a new dynamic table is created. Because the table is now
a dynamic element in your design, you can now add more nutrition facts,
if required. Now you can start updating the text
or the values of the table where needed. Next, we’ll update the zero values
into the required numbers. Click ‘apply’
and your new table is ready. Finally, you can preview the result in 3D
with the Studio plug-in for Adobe® Illustrator®. You can also import xml data
from other systems right into your artwork and
have a real dynamic environment eliminating errors and
saving lots of time.