What’s up everybody? My name is Caleb Marshall,
also known as ‘The Fitness Marshall’. I have a dance-fitness YouTube channel where you get to channel
your inner favourite super-diva popstar. You get to sweat yourself sexy
and have a good time. And today, I’m at YouTube Headquarters and I’m going to
give you guys three Quick Tips on how to be a successful YouTube creator. My first tip is just to be consistent. It’s so important to create a brand
that people can recognise and know and come back to. So, if you’re consistent with your content that will
build a relationship with your viewer. They’re going to know
what they can come back to and, if you have an upload schedule,
they know when to come back so they’re going to
check back at the same time every week. My second tip is just to
try out YouTube’s new features. One feature
that I love right now is Premieres. It’s a way that
I can really hype my audience up and show them what’s coming up. And also, with live chat,
it allows me to really create a community and talk to my fans and engage with them
in ways that weren’t possible before. My last tip is to pay attention to
the direction YouTube’s going since it is always changing,
but never forget to be yourself. There’s a reason
people subscribe to your channel in the first place. So, just keep doing what you love,
make videos that make you happy through the ups and downs of YouTube you’ll always be successful if you do that. Thank you so much
for listening to my Quick Tips. Make sure you subscribe to
The Fitness Marshall channel and check out more tips
on the YouTube Creators channel. See you, bye!