hi everybody welcome to your workout today I thought we would mix it up a little bit we're going to do some vertical stepping if you don't have a little mini bench like mine you're just gonna turn your bench vertically we're gonna start with a basic nice tub looks good so we're going to do all of the work today right on the end of the bench so keep the feet narrow keep an eye on that bench good job hold your basics nice tub three more one more step knee lift step knee down down good job everybody we're stepping at 126 beats per minute today if you need to know put on your own music enjoy it okay here we go basic so just kind of get used to feeling step right on the end there nice job whoo this going to be fun today I'm excited we've got four sections to get through seven more basic looks good whoo three more now listen to give me a step knee step knee down down nice job so we're going to change the foot placement a little bit so listen carefully keep an eye on the bench here we go basic straddle up up straddle down good good job three more now listen up up again step knee straddle Stephanie straddle really keep those legs wide glance down at your feet keep an eye on that bench make sure you don't trip right looks good alright everybody basic straddle again up up straddle down up up straddle yes hi you're feeling one more basic straddle nice straddle me straddle good job now we're going to stay here for a few more then listen to me two more everybody basic exit back home right here you're with me we exit right or back to home good three more three two step ham curl step Pam crow nice chef so we're back to exiting right back home good job Oh feeling good happy to be here everybody basics basics up up down down good job pace yourself do it feels good for you today please as always one more basic step Pam girl step Pam curl nice job so you've learn the pattern I'll just queue and you do write my stuff alright everybody ready basic straddle straddle down up good whoo nice job three more two more listen step ham straddle step hem straddle good job how you feeling you're feeling a little warmer I haven't find yet I know I am I always have fun with you twice more everybody basic straddle up up straddle down nice job so it's kind of fun to mix it up a little bit three more two more Pam straddle hands trial good Oh Pam straddle yes now we just have four more of these then listen to me please two more everybody home basic home exit back right so home is back behind your bench good three more here two more step kick down down step kick down down whoo watch that bench on those kicks oh that feels good go a few little tight muscles from yesterday that feels good all right everybody basics basics count it out seven so you know the pattern right nothing to surprise you with three more three two give me a step kick down down step kick down down whoa I'm feeling awesome how about you don't forget to subscribe to my channel I'm putting up a workout every week basic straddle so you know on this now right whoa swing in those arms three more three two give me a step kick straddle kicks travel right don't forget the straddle whoa okay heart rate should be up a little bit you can make your kicks a little bigger if you're comfortable everybody basic straddle up straddle down swinging those arms keeping an eye on that bench you got to really kind of aim the feet to the center of the bench one more basic basic kick good nice job you got that straddle in there I hope so beautiful work now everybody twice more ready basic back home no straddle seven times six five nice job three more two legs back down down leg back down down arms however you like hands on hips one arm or two arms shooting forward make it work for you okay basics up up down down I'm starting to breathe how about you anymore three two leg back leg back down down oh good reach it long so nothing new just you and me today having fun you're ready basic straddle down seven times oh nice job four three to Lake back straddle leg back straddle I like to use one arm here good job feels a little different with the straddle in the middle right see what feels good for you two more everybody basic straddle seven times come on six you're working hard you're working for you today nice job I'm so proud of you one more leg back straddle leg back straddle leg back straddle arms however feels good for you good job now two more like this we're going to exit back home basic up and down who working hard now I want to do a few more basics here one more side legs side legs keeper here now you should be pretty warm now I like to use big arms really stretch it out feeling good nice job everybody go back to your basics basics count it out seven right whoa nice job keeping an eye on that bench good one more side leg so I like down now so this is it we've got to get through our straddle section coming up nice job oh here we go two more basic straddle nice job looks good are you ready for side leg straddle three more basic straddles two sides like straddle side leg straddle really make it big the bigger your movements the bigger your heart rate the harder you work but keep it safe for you as always okay basic straddle seven nice job this is pretty fun nice easy basic moves getting that heart rate up cue more side leg straddle side leg straddle remember you don't need a little mini bench you can use a full size bench you're just stepping your vertically today you got it let me know if you have questions okay everybody exit back knees alternate step knee so you made it through the section one we're gonna keep moving we're gonna stretch you at the end whew are you ready give me a three knee repeater three to exit to basics up up down down three knee repeater three to two basic let's just do a small change three alternate knees up down up up down to face it did you get it we'll try it again three alternate knees up down to basics do that again three alternate knees I like this one to basics now one more right off the back three alternate ease to basics next time you just take it right off the side three alternate knees up down up up down access to basics I'm going to add a little pop only if you're comfortable okay three two two basics if you want to keep it low that's okay three alternate knees arms three to exit to basics I like this one it's like your Skippy right three skips 3 2 to basics good let's change the move three alternate ham cross up down up 3 2 XS to basics so same pattern different move three outs and a half 3 to 2 basics you can pop up a little bit see how your fill three hands pop pop 3 2 2 basics definitely keep an eye on that bench three outs and a HAMP's 3 to 2 basics now so that again 3 out Center HAMP's 3 to 2 basics I love it three outside a HAMP's so we'll change it up next time to basics this time three alternate side legs 3 2 to basics arms however helping for you if you all to the side like 3 to 2 basics nice job ok twice more 3 hot side 3 2 to basics just different arm variations if you like 3 side legs 3 2 basic now that's the second section done bar shift operate listen lunch back right left 16 15 14 what 12 11 10 9 8 7 you okay six five four three two March up eight March 7 6 carefully step off March 8 how's that go 3 knee repeater we're try on the other leg first exit off march up 8 8 7 6 lunge back left right 16 15 14 yes yes 10 9 8 you okay 4 3 2 XM archtop 8 7 6 now step off March yeah 3 repeater changing the mood slightly Marsha bait listen 7 6 we're at a tap side lounge at 16 16 15 14 keep Denis 12 soft 10 9 8 oh I love this for 3 March up top how that feel good Marsh it down I'm sure you were amazing 3 knee repeater let's try it again officer like March up 8 you ready for the flight a plunge this way first here we go 16 16 15 14 Oh 12 11 10 yes 8 7 6 you have energy four three two March good step off March 3 and repeater okay let's combine those two listed March up eight listen it's really easy you get this side back lunge switch back good 1210 get it off Oh five four three two March on top how that feel marks on the ground I just threw it out you because I knew you could do it three new repeater let's try it the other way March up eight eight seven six river side back lunge now side back good 12 let me keep those knees soft nice job looking good four more four three two March of eight eight seven six marched out eight yes three knee repeater now listen give me single knees hold up front so let me just talk to you for a moment we've learned three sections oh and I'm sweatin I'm so happy you're here taking care of yourself this is the fourth section it's a little more athletic you can keep it low impact or high do what feels good for you please I always tell you that now listen everybody I want you to start out March up top rate well more than eight I want to talk to you for a minute you're going to step off to the side pulse down squat for four switch in the middle post some squat on the other side keep a low head back first here we go four four three switch you my hands on my thighs switch chest is lifted sitting back in the hill switch for now you want to make it a little bigger you can't low 3 to switch I'm popping a little bit in the middle and switch and smiling too right and switch can we go to right here switch to switch to switch to oh come on well the eggs are burnin two more now we're going to go singles single size lunch yes right here ah yes you okay March if you need to stick with me you can try it Amaro if you want to – good everybody March on top yes nice exit March now we got to do the other side three and repeater we are going to finish strong today yes March it out whoo okay everybody Marcia pop we're going to start out Squatch the cypher for four three switch you still popping it yes come on keep that chest lifted lifted nice come on few more here one more oh are you ready let's go two doubles two – oh come on finish strong yes breathing legs are working two more – everybody seeing those make them big make them strong watch that bitch yes hey more eight finish off seven four four three two March yes exit off March uo3 nerve eater you are amazing everybody March oh yes now let's just do nice easy step knee step knee ah now my heart rate was pretty elevated there I imagine yours was too high bring the heart rate down wait your stress – March it out Marsha yeah nice big inhale inhale hey you tell step touch ah ah nice top quick quick workout quick but effective I don't want to waste your time I don't want to waste my time I felt that one today that was great okay for three legs stay wide meltdown head above the heart roll it up Oh shoulder roll now do that one more time meltdown now really stretch that back to the ceiling shoulder rolls oh good get your bowels one heal on the bench nice big inhale exhale sit back oh yes nothing like filling that fill it at the end roll it up flat on that toe back heel to the floor hold it here Oh breathe my step carefully step in step off nice big inhale exhale sit back oh nice job really lengthen through that spine please nice work unroll it up I'm turning side so you can see a little calf stretch here hold the hair now if you like you can do a chest stretch as well oh that feels so good release the hands carefully step in step off give me a nice big inhale exhale ah nice job everybody I hope to see you soon don't forget to subscribe I'm going to be adding lots of new workouts for you thanks everybody