hi everybody it's Rachel hooks here and this is seated those quick fix this is disappoint blaster 32 pounds over B block is very high and you can really go for it I've got some chords techno music art which is by their energy so all the details of the follow use it feel it change it make it your own and enjoy it here we go with a curl so really quickly I'm gonna start with two little sachets forward so of that chasse forward with a rock two jobs and then three jerks back three knees so course you might need to break that down a little bit but this is just a quick three and a great work on those later okay chasse let's go chasse mumbos two jobs three back three there we go grapevine left a fine right oh yeah short now just say three back 1 2 3 bounce them and curl and then here the grapevine says you can do that chasse what about the 3 knees bring me back great yeah just a couple more changes give you some over is a chasse pull then 3 back 1 2 3 days bounce enjoy and I'll see you over every piece ago