My name is Mona Nourbakhsh.
I am 23 years old and I’m studying Quantitative Biology and Disease Modeling. I think what is unique about this Master is that it’s a collaboration between KU and DTU. It’s about working at the interface between biology and computer science. And that’s also what I’m very interested in, so it fits perfect. It seems like a great choice for me. Quantitative Biology and Disease Modeling is about developing computational and mathematical models, to analyze quantitative data. Currently we have a lot of data, but we need more ways to handle the data and analyze the data to hopefully contribute to improving our treatment of these diseases. I really like that DTU is one campus, so you really get this community feeling when you are walking on campus. I really like the atmosphere and the collaboration between students. I think the collaboration between students is really important because you don’t feel alone. So for example, if you are having difficulty with a task or an assignment, you can always ask the others and then in this way work together. My dream job would be to work with personalized medicine and drug response profiles. So, I’m very interested in for example neurological diseases and cancer. Currently, the major treatments that we use for these diseases are not 100% effective since the individuals who have the diseases are of course are genetically different. So, it would be great if we could design a treatment for the specific person who has this disease.