start with both heels on the floor and point your feet upward as high as you can put both feet flat on the floor lift your heels high keeping the balls of your feet on the floor repeat these three stages in a continuous motion and at 30-second intervals lift your feet draw a circle with your toes moving one foot clockwise and the other counterclockwise at the same time reverse the circles rotate in each direction for 15 seconds repeat if desired place your hands on your knees and push down as comfortable lift one near to the count of five alternate your legs repeat this ten times for each leg with your shoulders relaxed drop your ear to your shoulder and gently roll your neck forward and back holding each position for about five seconds repeat five times hunt your shoulders forward then upward backward and downward using a gentle circular motion bend forwards likely clasp your hands around your left knee and hug it to your chest hold for 15 seconds keeping hands around the knee slowly let it down when letting it down stretch your leg under the chair in front of you to fully straighten your knee out alternate legs and repeat 10 times lift your bottom just off the seat like you're going to stand up and then slowly and gently sit back down repeat five times