what’s going on guys this is Matt from
the hair transplant channel here and in this video I’m gonna be answering your
questions this gonna be the first Q&A session on this channel so let’s better
start it we get 26 questions right now which is awesome thank you so much to
everybody who participated here we have some fitness related question hair
transplant related questions and some personal questions so let’s better start
right now first question from deep Chhetri
is and I love this guy he’s from India and he’s commenting almost every time as
first person and under every video perhaps do you man thank you so much hey
man I have a question what ever hair transplant goes wrong I mean if a person
doesn’t like the hairline or the direction of hair can it be changed no
it cannot be changed unfortunately the only thing you can do if you don’t like
the result you can use some mass SMP scalp micropigmentation or another hair
transplant to make the result more appealing to your eye or like make their
result better for you I mean unfortunately you cannot do much about
it man you know unfortunately yeah this is the thing if you don’t like the
direction of the hair it can look more natural a bit of time but once it’s
blended I can imagine you care you could poke
the holes here again and take out the graft and plan it in a better way guess
that would be possible but this is just a pain in the ass to me and you could
count with a lot of scars and a lot of you know it wouldn’t look good in my
opinion I mean potentially again you could take
how those follicles and out again and plan them in again but you could damage
a lot of those follicles by doing that trust me even if you’re taking out the
grafts from your back you I don’t know if you are aware guys but you are
damaging some of the follicles this is this is not really a good good move in
my opinion second question YouTube Jesus is asking me about weight let me let me
this one will you do more fitness videos sure I will I will start this month
with the first ones how to get ripped or how to approach your nutrition and
everything you need to know if you want to lose weight and I will do like one
fitness video a week besides the usual hair transplant content so I guess let
me know if it’s fine for you and I would like to keep it that way okay another
question by Louie he rude he’s asking about how did you go about getting into
consultation with the turkey specialist okay let’s let’s answer this one first I
posted my pictures on whatsapp I mean I send the pictures to the surgeons and
they they answered me back within like 24 hours or something like that and he
said okay how much graft could be possible and what is my how is my donor
area and stuff like this one day III send them to the clinic and they send
them to the surgeon and then they send me back his opinion or his advice what
would be possible and stuff like that so my consultation was pretty much online I
I didn’t go to my surgeon in person and let him assess my hair situation second
part of the consultation was in person how much was it in all in all from
flights to the operation I paid 200 200 euros for the flight back from Vienna to
Istanbul and back I paid 400 euros for the accommodation in a hotel
two nights breakfasts and thus there was some wellness included I guess and stuff
like that there was a transport included from airport to clinic from airport to
your hotel from hotel to clean it from clinic to hotel several times and then
at the end from from your hotel to the airport right so those were included in
those 400 so we have 200 and 400 right now 600 and the hair transplant itself
which was like thousand 750 euro because I paid 50 cent for each graft it means
yeah thousand seven hundred fifty euro all in all it should come on era
2230 or 2300 euro 2250 or 2300 euro all in all so that was this cash one two
three four one is asking hi if you have just had a hair transplant done but feel
that you may need the super convinced form line pack just on the front line
how long would you wait would you wait for so you mean that you got here or a
hair transplant and you you have a feeling that it’s not dense enough at
the front right that’s what I understood so I I would probably wait at least one
here at least one year to have my front transplanted in a more dense way I guess
you still after six seven months you still don’t know how the front hairline
will look like it may get tense during the eight ninth month so there is no
reason to to make another hair transplant on that area because you can
mess it up man yeah so don’t do it earlier than then one year because now
after one year there is a higher chance that that the transplanted hair will be
much more developed much more fully developed right so I would wait like one
year tell us about your workout regiment George Matthews is asking thank you
George my workout regimen is pretty simple
right now I’m working out three times a week I have a chest and an and shoulder
day I have my back and bicep day and I have my leg day as well and I usually
don’t really work out arms a lot anymore because this is my strength point and as
many of you maybe already seen I work on my weak points I’ve been working out for
several years maybe eight nine years already now so I work on my weak points
I wouldn’t recommend this routine maybe to a to a beginner guy there are
different routines for beginners for intermediates as well so I’m working on
my weak points now and as I said you know I work out on like forty to fifty
minutes per session and then I get out of the gym you know I lived really heavy
and after 15 minutes I really get out of the gym because their cortisol level
increases you know the testosterone production after
like one hour of workout is decreasing right so there is no need no reason to
stay in the gym longer than one hour right so this would be my my work
average regimen very very shortly and briefly explained okay let’s move
further okay we have another question I send you some videos can you please
review my hair sure manna I’ve been getting so many messages
I don’t know where to start so if it takes longer than you might expect it’s
just because you are in a queue and many other guys are requesting the same thing
so probably it will take a while but I’m gonna check it today man well I will get
into you okay thanks for the question SMD q sm DG 91 is asking are you happy
with your hair transplant would you do it again and what advice do you have for
people considering going for the procedure in turkey so yes I’m very
happy for my hair situation as it was before as you people I have seen it’s
great change and I love it would I do it again sure I would do it
again and I will because I will have to because my crown area is receding is
receding further so I will need another hair transplant in the future and well
what advice do you have for people considering it in Turkey yeah I mean
check the before after as much before after picture as you can of people who
did the same hair transplant in your clinic especially after like 6 months 1
year not just after one day or one week you know wait for the full result to
develop by some people and then ask them you know ask for their opinions if
they’re satisfied satisfied or not and another thing don’t yet watched don’t
just watch the the before after pictures of people who are like totally different
hair hair color hair density and a new or a total different balding level than
you you know you you you want to watch for people who are very similar to your
hair situation and then watch for the before after results because then you
will get more or precise kind of expectation what you
can expect out of this hair transplant by the provider particular clinic don’t
just don’t just watch some Mexican dude with I don’t know like very thick thick
hair like dark you know black hair if you are like white dude like a surfer
dude with a blonde hair you know and thin hair you know you won’t get this
result you know and this is the misconception first guy hears like dark
brown hair and is thick and this these guys like donor area is not so thick
it’s it’s you know like the density is quite poor let’s say you cannot expect
the same result the same density after 2000 grafts by him and him if the second
guy’s donor area is much weaker it’s much thinner and can provide the hair
the same mm it can provide the same 2,000 hairs but they’re thinner they are
very fine and thin and and very bright like mine you know like bright hair like
very light hair you know so you cannot expect the same result so really compare
yourself to similar people with similar hair as you so that would be my advice
Pollos hermanos thank you for a question he’s asking what happens when your
nature or hair falls out and only your transplanted hair is left wouldn’t it
look weird you are the best thanks for that sure it will look weird as hell I
mean if now I lose all of my hair here and only the front will remain I mean
this would look weird as hell man that scares me
don’t don’t post us such questions here please we don’t want this to happen so
we try to preserve that hair you know there are various treatments we want to
be doing to avoid this from happening question hi brother
how is about will discuss be full procedure if beard hair was used as tone
or air a stone or hair so I know what you mean you will have holes poked here
in this area of your neck as here at the back of the head that’s how it looks I
mean no I don’t know if the picture is is really a legit but it says like – 2
months post operation you see the holes were there and now
apparently after two months there are no more horse no more signs so it seems
that it’s healing the same as as the donor area at the back of your head
would heal so I see no no other difference so in my opinion that should
hear the same I mean that should just heal the same in my opinion so so how is
it well sure it will be very visible during the first weeks as it was here at
the back but after like one two months the whole shouldn’t be visible at all
only slight redness should be visible after two to four month period but I
mean you can always use some some coconut oil for moisturizing every once
in a while some aloe vera and it should disappear and the same I mean at the
same speed as it would disappear at the back here so I see no real difference
here it’s the same skinny enough hey Matt what do you think of hair fiber
which that affect the growth of your hair
thanks Matt no it’s not gonna affect the growth but it may weaken the hair that
it’s already kind of weakened and it’s about to fall you know like this thinner
hair and I wouldn’t use it so often I would use it only if you go out maybe on
a date on some occasion when it’s people are gonna look at your hair you want to
look your best and I would wash it out as soon as you don’t need it as soon as
you come back home and people don’t look at your hair you know because I wouldn’t
leave it there for a long time because I’ve been looking at those hair fibers
more often recently and I realized there are not so many which are really organic
and there are really a lot of chemicals unfortunately so you don’t to leave it
for a long time in your hair especially you don’t want to cover this you put the
hair fibers on your hair and then you cover it tightly with a cap or something
can become itchy and stuff like that and you will like make a lot of weak hair
fall out because of that and it happened to me so you you want to be cautious
there it’s useful but as long as you don’t
need it as long as you don’t need to have it on your hair wash it out wash it
out with a shampoo with a natural and an organic shampoo and don’t don’t let this
stuff in your hair for longer than you eat another question from a prior Jabbar
he’s asking who is your favorite singer and what’s your favorite song I recently
started to like Sam Smith I really like this his soulful voice he’s really
really nice voice I like how it’s kind of like playing with that with those
notes what’s my favorite song I don’t really have a favorite song for now but
I have a lot of favorites from favorite songs actually that I created I like a
lot of my songs that I you know I started to to create music and because
I’ve been playing guitar like for 80 years and some other instruments as well
I started to play with this teaching software and create my own music I like
a lot of like electro music as well you know I created some some tracks myself
and I really liked those maybe if you if you request I will I will put some links
so we can check out some of my songs but only if you’re interested I don’t wanna
like you bother you with that but yeah that would be that would be it Yanis
vassal au is asking have you noticed new hair emerge on your head in twelve
months post Oh unfortunately not no no I didn’t I only seen some improved like I
only seen improvements in the way my hair grows but you know it’s funny
because now our hair is shorter and it looks like it it grows weird again but
I’m sure it’s only because it’s really short and yeah I can see it grows really
like more uneven again but the longer my hair gets the more natural it looks I
would say and yeah that’s it but I did not see any new hair emerge after – for
12 months unfortunately man ok my question the name the trade Thank You
Man who are the top hair transplant dressed in Turkey gudiwada dude this
would take probably another ten or fifteen minutes to answer it properly
I will definitely I swear I will definitely make a video about that
because you’ve been requested this question for a long while fortunately
have so much questions and so much video topics planned that I need to make first
a proper research on it and then I will give you my unbiased kind of opinion on
it right so hope you won’t be angry on me but I will definitely answer it soon
on this channel right okay CHS is asking him and wondering is it possible to
shaving head after hair transplant every day until 8th month and then give give
hair growth already full and thick so you mean if you will start shaving your
head okay I wouldn’t like I don’t I hope you’re not meaning like shaving it with
a razor blades I would really just pass it off on like one millimeter or
something do not shave it why would you like shave it off totally like bald bald
I wouldn’t do it i would like pass it off really I would only trim it with
with like hair trimmer until like three months for my clinic suggests to do cut
to buzz your transplanted or you transplant it to hair after like three
months four months of hair transform that I wouldn’t definitely shave it I
would be afraid honestly so that’s why I would only like buzz it off very tied on
with my millimeter maybe yeah you can do it like if you want to do it you can do
it every week after like 3-4 months you can start doing it like shaving it every
shaving buzzing I’m sorry correcting myself really buzzing it off with uh
with a trimming machine right but I mean you can do it there shouldn’t be no
difference if you would be passing your head off or if you just leave it grow
you should be you should come to a same result after eight months that shouldn’t
affect your hair unless you really don’t damage some transplanted hairs with the
shaving you know superiorly careful how we do it I hope you didn’t mean shaving
because like I I would be afraid actually about this
one Oh wild outdoors is asking 5000 grafts in one session if it’s possible
and what do you think about Sioux hair clinics again I would need to make a
research on ad man and since this video is already pretty long I don’t want to
go too much into that but 5000 grafts in one session is possible only if you have
really really really good donor area you know and I mean 5000 grafts I guess my
clinic I’ve seen a lot of cases where 4000 grafts worked were transplanted but
5000 I guess actually no friends who had 4000 graphs transplanted but 5,000 I
don’t know personally but I’ve seen on YouTube so it should be possible but
only really if you have really really good donor hair and if the surgeon tells
you that another like 5000 it’s still available not that you will have like
5000 transplanted and you will be left with nothing with no graft for covering
the possible hair hair loss in the future so long be a be aware of that so
it should be possible again but yeah make sure that it’s fine for for your
hair situation you know not everybody can have 5000
hair harvested because then your donor area may look really harvested and it’s
it’s dangerous so make sure you have really good donor area to start with
drew you is asking Matt what do you think about scalp micropigmentation to
compliment her hair transplant great idea especially if you have scars after
fut many guys are using it making use of it and after fut as well some some
people are commenting and writing me that they have a lot of holes deep holes
after they hair transplant at their donor area so I guess it’s good for fue
s well I mean it’s really good not just guess huh I would use it for for
covering up my donor area I wouldn’t use it for the in between the transplanted
area for example here to make the gaps look thicker I wouldn’t use it because
you know I can I will rather do another hair transplant for it and I mean it’s
not so needed once my hair will get longer I don’t need it I mean if you
have really bad result it’s not so thick at the front then I mean like short-term
maybe you could consider it but if you know you will do another hair transplant
there is no need you can use hair fibers instead and it’s cheaper and it’s kind
of it’s better short term yes scalp micropigmentation and unless you are
already bald and you never want to have hair transplant you wanna you are polled
guy and you want to just recreate this precise hairline with a SM beat that I
would use it but be aware you will have to shave your head for the rest of your
life that way because you don’t want this to kind of grow in an out of
proportion with the frontal hairline you know what I mean so I will give you I
will show you some picture right now how what what I meant by this so this is
the only case where I would use scalp micropigmentation and on my donor area
so those are the two things okay another question Matt do a video please on the
rock stars and like said please tell me what Paul Stanley from kiss has done I
will I will because it’s interesting thank you great
what’s your name in grey grey me David Thank You Man yeah it’s an interesting
topic yeah rock stars you know like Elton John and those guys from kiss with
those long hair you know this is just to paste that are wearing like this is Paul
Stanley right do you think it’s his hair it’s not it’s a hair system like that
yeah this is him I mean this guy is bald it’s completely bald guy like it’s not a
hair transplant that he’s done it’s it’s a toupee guys
there are many rock stars are wearing toupees
how come this guy has been bowling since I don’t know how many years and now he
has hair I he doesn’t write these guys both like and many other rock stars are
I could count them on on on five hands if I have five hands I could count so
many rock stars that have used and data that have been using weeks
that are still using hair systems for now so Paul Stanley is one of them he’s
using a hair system guys okay but I will make a video on rock stars definitely
hey Matt what is a hobby other than working out – that you enjoy did you
enjoy so what do I enjoy doing I like making music guys I love it I’ve been
playing guitar for like ten years I’ve been playing accordion piano
and I’ve been composing some music for like five years right now here now once
in a while you know I enjoyed that I enjoy parkour like doing some stunts
robotics so playing musical instruments mainly like guitar is a big one as well
so I’m quite musical here I like making videos guys this is something that I
like I like to travel and I like photograph a I like to taking I like
taking good pictures I’m still an amateur in that more an amateur than I
mean like playing guitar and making music but like probably the biggest
amateur in there taking photos but still I like it so those are my main hobbies I
like to be so sure go out hang out with cool people and stuff like that Network
so those are probably the things that I really really love so Andrew loves
thanks you so much for this question man okay good well I’m glad that some people
are interested in in something more than just hair transplant this is something
good for me I can talk about something else that I I’m used to like hair
transplant you know briar jabber are you doing YouTube for money not really
because you know I don’t know if you know guys but YouTube pays you not not
so much as you would expect you would have to have at least like 100,000 views
every month every month every like you would need to have at least 100,000 new
views every month to get at least like at $100 from it so it’s not a lot I mean
like my first payment from YouTube was like after like eight months of doing it
for so for eight months I didn’t get anything and I I got like 70 euros and I
was like yeah what’s so happy so no I’m not doing for money guys
I would be very glad if if the views would be increasing if the support from
all you guys will stay like it is like awesome as it is right now and I will be
gaining more and more subscribers it would be cool but I’m not doing it for
money I would I do it to help you guys Fred I do it like that I am doing like
what’s up kind of like consultations right now which are for free and you can
use them as long as I have time for it and that’s it yeah I like I enjoy doing
those videos and the money that I come is good because I can invest in a better
camera and a better microphone in a better audio in a faster computer so I
can edit those videos faster so I like that YouTube is supporting me and giving
me some money from from doing those videos and yeah that would be the answer
to the question okay another question is what is your stand on K people you know
I like it people I really love gay people not that I am gay but I have some
friends that are gay and they’re very funny you know they are really they are
they’re more feminine you know those people are more feminine they’re more
like more emotional but you know I used to go work out with a friend who was gay
he was a sparring partner of mine so it was cool and yeah I liked it I mean Sam
Smith is a gay you know and he’s an awesome singer for example you know it’s
good example good people gay people are good people I have clearly not nothing
against them okay let’s let’s go to another question okay we have four more
questions guys so let’s make it short here and Draya Thank You Man
he was actually the guy who suggested this Q&A so props to Andrea from Germany
I guess where are you from I’m from Slovakia but I do not live in Germany I
live in Austria I’ve been living in Austria for for some while now for like
four or five years then I went to USA Canada for a while and then I’m now I’m
back and and most probably for Alma from April I
will be living somewhere else again I don’t know where maybe Thailand maybe
some other European city so let’s see let’s see guys my MPC is asking hey Matt
when did you start working out again after your hair transplant for weeks
unless you are really motivated and want to really transform your body then you
can start a little bit earlier but don’t don’t go too early you know I don’t say
like two three weeks are good man if you see that everything is fine here don’t
you just put some cap on intro so you don’t hurt it with a bar or rid of Dumbo
make sure the Dumbo won’t phone your transplanted area that would be bad but
yeah I would say three weeks some people say two weeks if you are
good in two weeks you do have no pain great I mean if it’s fine but I would
say at least two weeks at least it’s very very minimum wait at least two
weeks okay our Peter is asking how did you handle the ugly duckling and whether
actually duckling faced mentally did you go out for any dates during those first
three months so this is a funny question ugly duckling face you mean this one
right this is how I used to look like this is the ugly duckling face guys and
imagine now going on a date or going out like this so it was very it was crazy
it was crazy but I managed it somehow I did it I put this cap this very tight
cap on her my on my head I actually went on some some dates with it’s quite
successful dates you know and yeah it was possible so I put it it was you know
January February that’s why that’s why that’s why I could pull it off but it
was funny when I was like in a in a bed with girl
and she was like she wasn’t even asking why do I have this head also littles
kind of okay some some people don’t even ask so that’s funny so yeah the dates
are possible with the head in during the ugly duckling phase so it’s not a big
deal guys and don’ts and the girls don’t see it as a big deal as well okay Oliver
the last question Oliver ownage Oliver ownage is
asking hey Matt was wondering how your life changed since your hair transplant
girls comments about your hair in daily life confidence etc man it’s huge I
still can’t believe how it changed how I transform my looks
you know first girls and like picking up girls and stuff like that I don’t know
if you’re doing this online stuff on the internet like tinder on some online I
don’t know where you guys are from if you’re from America tinder is probably
an app did use for dating yeah sure if you make good pictures you have a good
hair line dude it just increases your chances like crazy you know getting
girls or getting dates you know comments people just assume now you’re more
charismatic even though nothing changed you know I’m the same person I’m the
same like a guy who has this similar vibe that he used to have like one two
years ago but now people just assume that I’m more charismatic just because I
don’t know like my hair line looks better you know even though I’m the same
person you know so that’s funny and the comments I don’t know what you
mean comments people me people noticing my hair or something you know they don’t
notice that I had a hair transplant but but they like it you know if I say that
I had it done they’re like wow they really like it you know the before after
difference they’re real rabbit and my confidence is much much better future
plans I’m gonna tell you this year I’d like to travel much more I would like to
see some much more European cities like like London I would like to visit Sweden
I would like to wear it Greece for at least one two months I
would like to visit Thailand for at least one month and reach many many many
people and help them out with my hair transplant videos and even maybe with
fitness videos I don’t know what you like watch what you guys would like to
see from me in the future but let’s see so definitely I would like to keep
posting on YouTube and stay consistent here and this is my biggest goal and I
would like to yeah travel have a lifestyle which will allow me to travel
this year I would like to have more freedom than add and then ever before
and really connect with you guys visit some
of you guys I really like to travel and visit some of you guys who has done who
have done hair transplant or who’ve been watching my channel you know and really
connect with you make some interviews with you you know like like before after
pictures after six months maybe or one year do an interview with you and how
you feel about your hair how would transform your life how a change to your
life you know that would be something cool that I would like to make I would
probably start this year already if I will have a time and money for that but
if not the next year for sure right so this is my plan can offer for this year
and for future as well so okay okay guys I think this session got really really
long already but thank you so much for everybody who’ve been watching this
video and for thank you so so much everybody who posted acquire the
interesting questions and yeah I hope I answer them good in a good way if not
let me know what can i what I can improve on the next time don’t forget to
Like and if you have any more questions I mean comment as always subscribe to my
channel and we will see each other in the next video
take care you