The Q35 from Octane Fitness is all about performance
and quality at an unbeatable value. This entry level Octane is easy to get on and off of,
with a small step up height and it’s compact size makes it a great fit for any room in
the house. The first thing you’ll notice is the natural smooth motion, that you get only
on an Octane elliptical. The close pedal spacing keeps you properly aligned and has that same
great octane feel. Moving to the upper body, the handle bars move in a wide range of motion
for increased calorie burn. Just like the Q37, the contact heart rate sensors are comfortably
located on the stationary handle bars. This allows for easy and accurate heart rate readings.
These handles also allow for unique body positioning for maximum lower body burn. Try leaning back
or doing a fill squat to activate more lower body muscles during your workout. Moving up
to the console, the Q35 features a large LED screen that displays all of your workout stats.
You can easily track your progress throughout your workout. The keypad is simple to navigate
and also features signature workout boosters, like arm blaster Glutekicker, and xMode. Try
a booster during any program to introduce intervals and ramp up the intensity and the
calorie burn. Interval training is a great way to kick start your fitness training, and
workout boosters are a great way to do so. Plus the Q35 has several great programs to
help you reach your goals faster. Check out the adjustable goal programs like calorie
burn, or 10k, to intensify your workout. When you’re done working out, the Q35 features
MOM Mode. Push the button and the machine maximizes resistance, making it difficult
to move the handle bars and the pedals, keeping kids from playing on the machine while not
in use. The Q35 is a perfect introduction to the Octane family. You deserve to look
good and feel great. The performance and quality of the Q35 is sure to give the results your