Hey, I’m Dr. Josh Axe and welcome to Transformation
TV. This week I’m going to be talking about artificial sweeteners which are some of the
most deadly compounds on the planet. You and your family want to stay completely away from
artificial sweeteners. Now, artificial sweeteners, most of the time
they came about accidentally, not even on purpose, but people found they had a sweet
texture and taste to them and actually the number one used sweetener of the past two
decades has been artificial sweetener known as aspartame. Aspartame first started being
used in diet coke and actually they saw, in 1981, when Diet Coke was introduced on the
market, brain tumors increased with it exponentially and so they rose in correlation with it and
that was just one big side effect. Now, another study down at the University
of Texas found that aspartame caused kidney damage and weight gain. Lots of you think,
“Well, I’m drinking a Diet Coke or a diet soda. Shouldn’t that cause my weight to decrease?”
Actually, at the University of Texas they found for every diet soda you drink, your
chance of weight gain goes up by 41%, and the reason is that these are toxic chemicals.
Toxins get stored in your fat cells if you’re drinking lots of diet soda. It’s going to
be stored in your cells and your body cannot burn fat and lose weight. So if you’re trying
to lose weight, kick the diet soda immediately. One of the most dangerous things and facts
to know about aspartame is what it breaks down into. Actually, aspartame breaks down
in your body into wood alcohol, formaldehyde, and ethanol which are toxic chemicals and
they’re known to be carcinogenic. They actually cause cancer, and that’s why you want to stay
away from these. There’s a great documentary out there called “Sweet Misery.” If you want
to get a whole DVD series on this, again you are going to want to go watch the DVD, “Sweet
Misery.” Another artificial sweetener that is shockingly
dangerous is Sucralose, and it’s found in a product called Splenda. A lot of people
think, “Well, Splenda, I thought that was a health food or I thought it came from sugar.”
Splenda started off coming from sugar, but they add a chlorine ion, a chlorine molecule
onto the sugar and so basically what happens, if you’re drinking Splenda or Sucralose, it’s
breaking down in your body as chlorine. I actually recently had a patient come into
my clinic and they told me about a friend of theirs who had just been hospitalized for
three days for chlorine poisoning, and the doctors told them it was from her using too
much Splenda. She was actually using cups of Splenda in her baking and sweetening and
actually found that it caused chlorine poisoning in her body. So if you are doing Splenda,
again, plan on or just know that it’s chlorine. It’s like drinking chlorinated water. It causes
cancer. You want to stay completely away from these artificial sweeteners. Now, places you’re going to want to look for
these artificial sweeteners and the names you’re going to be looking for, the top two
names to look for are Sucralose and aspartame. Now, if you ever use protein powders, you’ve
got to look in your protein powders for these. Number one, if you’re drinking a diet soda,
99% of the time it’s going to have Sucralose or Splenda in it. Even things like Crystal
Light and a lot of the different sweeteners out there, you’re going to find they have
these artificial sweeteners in them. You got to read your labels. You do not want
to bring in this stuff in. Honestly, I’d rather someone drink regular sugar than do artificial
sweeteners because they’re neurotoxins, they’re toxic chemicals. Here’s what you want to do instead. You want
to switch over to an all-natural sweetener, something like stevia. Now, this is personally
what I use, but stevia is an all-natural sweetener that comes from the herb of a flower and it’s
no calories, and so it’s not going to cause the added weight gain. So add a little bit
of stevia into things the like berry smoothies that I do. If I want to sweeten something up a little
bit, again, stevia is a great option, all natural. Some other things you can do, you
got to be careful of the sugar content, but raw honey, Grade B maple syrup and things
like coconut nectar are other good options and fruit, but that’s where I’d go ahead and
stick with when you’re trying to sweeten things up. Again, if you want to do no-sugar, though,
stevia is the way to go, and there’s a lot of all-natural products coming out that you’re
going to find at natural health food stores that actually contain stevia. This is a way
you want to go. So remember, action steps for the week, get
rid of all the artificial sweeteners. Get rid of the aspartame, get rid of the Sucralose,
switch over to stevia and the all-natural sweeteners. It may just save your life and
a friend. If you like this, think about the people you
know who are at work or at your church or the places you go to who are addicted to diet
soda and tell them about this. Spread this message. You may just save a life. I’ll see
you next week.