welcome back to stasis fitness channel Stacy's fitness and eat drink and be skinny are doing a 30-day August challenge this challenge is the push up challenge I know not everybody's favorite but we're going to do it and I'm going to show you different levels because I know everybody has their level when it comes to push ups this first of three exercises is your standard push up first thing to remember our hands need to be even with your shoulders when you're on the floor on a bench so what you want to do is you want to your hand exactly out for your shoulders and then slightly wider ok so here it is right there slightly wider for your standard push up then when you're going down I will square out if you're someone who is really weak at push-ups I would suggest trying to start on the edge of a bed a chair of course have the chair against a wall so it doesn't slip out from underneath you I'm going to use this bitch so if you got in jam you could use the badge again hands just as far apart keep your stomach tied don't sweat nice and tight and you want to go down just like that now it's even going down all the way like I was one is getting my chest to the bench is too hard for you then go halfway do halfway if that's all you can do right now if that is still difficult try doing just plank just holding it there like this in your stomach tight for maybe 10 20 seconds but you want to try to get that working that starts to get the body and the muscle to understand what you're doing and give it muscle memory then what I want you to do is each week of this challenge try to get lower and lower now if that is easy for you now we go down before some cameraman is going to follow me here a person's excuse me it's going to follow me let's give the floor now the same thing is going to apply and opt for my shoulders a little one to get in the knee position they always call this the girl position but really come on we girls can sometimes do this better than the guys but often people will have the wrong form you'll get your butt kind of in the air and we don't want that so the best best way to get into that proper position is to get into plank position first so let's get our hands where they need to be right over my shoulders a little wide I'm going to be in plank stomach tight now from here just drop your knees and pick up your feet see no button there one angle from my head to my knees and then you execute the exercise now once again if going down all the way is too much for you start doing half way and then each week go a little lower and a little lower and then if that is easy for some of you and you go right into the standard plank push-up right here and again maybe start here or lower we're all the way and there you go the first of your three push up exercises for the 30 day challenge thanks for watching