good morning everyone that so sorry I'm trying to get away from the noise I've got my little automatic vacuum cleaner running and I've got the kettle on fer boiling water for tea I was yeah visiting my friend for about four days and during that time I wasn't really doing my normal eating habits you know we did some baking together and that was all fun and you know I wasn't like feeling guilty I wasn't like oh god no I'm putting baked goods in my mouth and and I think it's really important when you do any kind of lifestyle change that you don't feel guilt about food but you don't start going down this slippery slope of feeling guilty about eating certain things you know it's totally fine to have things like sweets and stuff once in a while and I did I did take my running stuff but I honestly didn't go running there I didn't really have time or I just didn't really want to take time away from my friend and just go running by myself so I didn't go but when I got back I basically I got on the scale and I thought oh god I must have gained some weight or something and I actually lost weight so yeah anyone who has been stuck on a plateau for a really long time knows that how miraculous it is once you get on the scale and things are changing up again and so obviously it means that whatever I'm doing these past couple weeks is has been has been good for my body and I'm doing something right and I'm just gonna keep going with it but whatever I'm doing has been working so just eating a lot more plants and the intermittent fasting and I just had to remind myself like Julia this is like a long-term thing this is not something that's gonna you know fitness and weight loss and stuff that is not something that happens within four days or within a week that's something that takes a while so now I'm like really happy I've lost like about one it well it was it was – about two kilograms but then I got on the scale this morning it's like one and a half so somewhere between one and a half to two kilograms I've lost which to me is like a lot because like I said if you're stuck on a plateau it is like so hard to see any change so today is a fasting day yesterday and the day before and the day before that I haven't really done the fasting yesterday I think because I got kind of out of the rhythm yesterday I was planning on doing fasting but I got super hungry so I ate like breakfast and then whatever so today I'm gonna be strong and fast until dinner so I had some orange juice with my iron supplement that I always have it just helps to absorb the iron and I'm just making some tea and I'm also making some tea for iced tea fruit and flower tea so this is my fruit and flower it's like roses and there's some other flowers in it and I have one more teabag in here and this is cherry hi guys so it's about like 230 or 240 something like that in the afternoon and I've been editing videos yeah at this point I'm like really hungry right now yeah pretty hungry and oh I wish I could eat something right now I think it's because when I was in Germany I wasn't wasn't doing the intermittent fasting so my body kind of got out of the rhythm and I was just eating normally again when I got back I was eating normally because I brought home a bunch of goodies from Germany so I was like eating a lot more and so so yeah it's kind of tough now it feels like almost like it's the first day again because after a while your body kind of gets used to the eat stop eat method so yeah I'm just trying to trying to keep my mind off things but it's hard when you're just psych at home and there's a fridge there full of food so just have to wait a bit more to exercise because I want to eat dinner at around 6:00 6:30 something like that and so I have to go work out maybe about 4:00 4:30 and then the timing will be good so yeah I'm just trying to keep busy I'm trying to keep my mind off food it's getting hard hungry as hell so it is about 4:15 or so I am just on my way to go riding have to run a couple errands before I have to go by the post office and my car was just really dirty from the drive to Germany so I'm going to the carwash it just had to get out of the house to be honest because I was like really hungry and I was like dude to do something I've being washed she looks so pretty when she's all clean but right now she's not looking so clean yet I don't know about you guys but I have like kind of an obsession with Karloff so I went by the post office and picked up some packages from my pol box and one of them I was actually waiting for them for this one package yeah so I got a package from Mac and I'm really excited because I freaking love Mac and I got a few other packages as well from body shop gonna have that not unboxing on my main channel because I've got a bunch of packages that are like piling up right now so I'm excited yay good mood oh I wanted to ask you guys if if you're finding these videos interesting or if there's anything that you want to see me talk about or maybe like address in the videos let me know in the comments and also I want to know if you think these videos are too long because I mean kind of just making them very sort of rambley and talky and you know so let me know if you guys like that alright so I'm all geared out I've got my camel back thank you but yeah I'm gonna see how that goes I mean it's not it's not too heavy right now I don't actually need a lot of water just like a couple sips is really helpful when you're just like I got such a dry punch throat is this like one of the nicest parts of the forest I would love it here and there's not where you guys hard labor people here just wanted to show you this part that's why I took the camera cuz I didn't go here last time it's a lot harder to run with some fuel belt it's like I totally notice it drags me down so I'm just discovering this new path spray steep so I'm not running I'm just kind of speed walking you don't have to run you can just make sure that your heart rate is up and just you know you can wear a heart rate monitor I've been actually thinking of buying one but I don't know I think it's not completely necessary I don't even know what this path is going well see that's how I found all these trails is like just exploring I was just driving by this is the forest and I saw there was like an entrance I was like hmm so I just parked there and just went exploring oh this is really pretty here but this is probably take heaven because ticks live in the underbrush like here and then they kind of drop on you as you walk by okay this is not this pass is kind of ending I feel like I'm in the middle of nowhere hmm should I keep going here it's nice and just worried about ticks right now I think I need to run a bit more log workout is finished and honestly you can do that anywhere you don't have to do it on a log if you don't live in like forests nearby you can do it on a park bench there's tons of exercise you can do just using a park bench a log a step just get creative use your muscles of different ways and yeah you don't need to have a gym membership to get fit I'm gonna start running a bit though more run back alright guys I just got back from my run and my time was 50 minutes five zero and wow that was a good work help the end I was really trying to keep the running up because I didn't want to hit anyone just walk back so it's really running and yeah the end was a bit tough to be honest oh good so I am now back at home and I had a shower and just cooking dinner now and we're making something really yummy we're making spaghetti with this was a called aubergine Bolognese so in eggplant Bologna using meats you use eggplants eggplant garlic some spices now the Bordeaux news is cooking with the eggplant it's looking really good it really looks like the meat almost has the texture of meat and I kind of made it how I always make my meat sauce I added some cinnamon and some spices I like to add some cloves and stuff to it I think that's how Greek people make it oh it smells so good alright so this is going to be my delicious dinner I can't even tell you how good this is smelling so here's a mixed salad there's some green leaves and then some rucola and then on this side there is the whole-grain pasta on the bottom and then this is the sauce now it is about 20 minutes to midnight and I just uploaded my video on my main channel and did all that stuff and now I'm like really tired so I think I'm gonna go say goodnight to you guys and I hope you guys enjoy today's fit Julia spit diary make sure to follow me on Instagram by the same name Julia spit diary and follow me there and that's it thanks so much for watching guys and I'll see ya later bye you