I'm going to move you from push-ups being hard to push-ups being bad ass and here's why for those of us who are on a journey to fit and tend to be plus-sized guess what we're pushing up more weight meaning that we are stronger that a lot of other people that are around us in the class you can get that full plank push-up starting against the wall eventually moving to the side of a chair or workout them something sturdy but here's the thing not all push-ups are made the same I can show you a push-up in a wide stance which is traditional or one here where I'm actually pushing my elbows back 45 degrees targeting further back in my arms goodbye bat wings or this one here to the diamond push-up that really is more intense in the triceps and the next one is a yoga I think they call the chaturanga and it really targets the triceps I teach my elbows to close my ribs as my boobies will allow me I'm now working on full plank push-ups form ability I'll do a few and then I'll fall back onto my knees continue to modify it is not uncommon for me to still use the wall to get a deeper pushup thanks for watching don't forget to subscribe to coach Yulin stay tuned to the next video for these modifications and more