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– How many hours of sleep did you get last night? Well if you’re like nearly
one third of adult Americans, the answer is not enough. And about 27% of us report
having trouble falling and staying asleep most nights. There have been studies
correlating inefficient sleep with improper sleep
alignment or sleep posture. And research has shown that
continuous shortages of sleep can contribute to
depression, to heart disease, to obesity, and even
type two diabetes. Well joining us today
to help us understand more about the
importance of sleep and how proper sleep
posture can affect your overall wellness is
chiropractor Doctor Gerry. Doctor, I’m so glad
you’re here with us today! – Thank you for
having me here today. – So this is important
stuff, doctor Gerry. What is proper sleep posture? – Firstly, we have to have
a normal lordotic curve of the neck. And if it’s not, then
we have problems. – Uh oh. – And the problems are
stiff muscles in the neck, pain, and poor sleep. – Yeah, I don’t
want any of that. So how do we achieve this
proper sleep posture? – The best way is to sleep on
your back and on your sides. – No stomach sleeping. – Never on your stomach. ‘Cause when you’re
on your stomach, your neck has to turn
one way or the other and that is very
bad for the neck. – Now okay, so you’re
saying that if you sleep on your back and your side,
then you definitely have proper sleep posture? – No. – No (laughs) no. – Let’s look at that here. – Dierdra’s–
– You’re failing, Dierdra! – She’s here and
she’s lying flat, but there’s no integrity
to this pillow. It’s just flat. – [Ereka] Oh no. – So the lordosis is gone
and it’s flattened the neck, and she’s already
dealing with that every day throughout the day. – And I’m telling
you most people, I know this is the
pillow that I have. So we’re already setting
ourselves up for failure. – So for years
I’ve told patients Go home, lie in your bed,
lie on the end of the bed, let your neck hang off of the
bed to improve the lordosis. Or buy a cervical roll and
place the cervical roll in the pillow. – There, now she’s
got it kinda, yeah. – The problem is, there’s
still not integrity and if she moves, this is not
gonna be in a good position. – That would never work for
me because I move all night, so this would be rolling
back and forth for sure. – Correct, and
turning side to side is not really ideal
with this sort of thing. – [Ereka] So I have a feeling
you have a better option. – Well, we do. – (laughs) Good. – So. Right here is a pillow. Go ahead, lay back right there. And this is the
ComfortAdjust Pillow. – It feels great! – Feel it. Okay. And it’s made out
of memory foam, and that same core
is inside this pillow in the front part of the pillow. – So this is genius, so
you’re saying that core that you pulled out a second
ago is in this pillow. – It’s already in here. Unzip that over there. – Alright, this, take a look. Alright. So this is the soft side,
and then I can quickly turn if I want it,
my husband would probably want it a little bit firmer,
and it goes right back in just like that. Awesome, okay. – Now, here’s the
beautiful thing. You have a hybrid sleeper,
so lie on your back first, Dierdra. – This is who I am, by the way. I sleep on my back and
sometimes on my side. – Now, roll to this side. So, she can come and
lie on this portion or that portion on
the side posture. But when you’re lying on your
back, there’s a mesh here and your head is cradled. Go back to the center,
and your head is cradled with great integrity
and improving the lordosis of the neck
throughout the day that we’re losing. – And what is all of this? Is this what I think it is? – That’s memory foam. – This is fabulous. – Memory foam, okay? Now, somebody that
wants to sleep on their side all night long? Get up for a second. – Which is, by the way,
when we’re pregnant we’re told that we have
to sleep on our side all the time. – Absolutely, you can’t sleep
on your stomach. Okay, so now she can
sleep, she can roll from one side to the other
and it’s not a problem. And it maintains the
integrity of the spine. – Incredible, this is amazing. So now that we’ve got
the ComfortAdjust Pillow, tell us how this will
improve overall wellness. – Okay, so if you
sleep well at night, you’re gonna wake up energized,
you’re gonna function better, your muscles are gonna
be relaxed, everything is gonna reset. The cervical spine will reset
from all the daily activities from the prior day. – And not to mention I’ll
be a whole lot less grumpy. – Correct, and it
makes correction with what we call tech neck. – Tell me about tech neck,
because I’ve heard this a lot but I don’t think everybody
knows what tech neck is. – Okay, so for every inch
your head translates forward, it’s 10 pounds of pressure. So if you go all the way down… – Yeah. – [Gerry] That’s 60 pounds
pressure on your neck. – And all day long,
what are we doing? We’re looking at our phones. – Cell phones,
laptops, computers, it affects everybody. – And so does this
help us reset it? – Absolutely. When you go to sleep, and
she’s sleeping on her side. When you sleep on
the back or the side, it’s helping with the lordosis,
the banana curve of the neck, maintain it. – So you get all night to
sort of reset your body. – [Gerry] And it resets it. – That’s so genius. – That’s exactly right. – One pillow does all of that. It’s incredible how much thought
has gone into this pillow. – Absolutely, I wish I
would have thought of it. – I bet you do. To find out more about
the ComfortAdjust Pillow, visit comfortadjustpillow.com. Great stuff Gerry,
thank you so much and of course you can find
everything you see here today on our website at
accesshealth.tv and don’t forget to follow
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