hey there my friend welcome my name is dr. Anthony wild Uzi I'm the founder here at the Fit Fowler project I'm with my studly head trainer here Stewart Carter and in this video we're gonna show you how to properly do a push-up how to do a push-up you may say everyone knows that do push-up false there are very important form points that can really just take an average push-up and turn into a great pushup we're gonna cover that in this video and hopefully you're gonna see that a push-up can actually be one of your staple exercises to grow a bigger chest shoulders and arms especially if you're a busy father over 40 that's what we do here at the fit father project so we're gonna dive into this workout video I think you're really gonna like it stay tuned alright so we're gonna have Stuart and demonstrate how to do a push-up and the first thing is we're gonna get Stuart into position here and as he extends out he's gonna really be focusing on getting a couple things in point notice Stuart's arms are around a little wider than shoulder width apart now one of the key things here is that Stuart's gonna get his core tight and he's gonna be pushing away so his upper back is not sagging he's in good position his core is tight and now Stuart's gonna slowly lower himself down pause at the bottom and drive right back up now Stuart's keeping his upper back slightly rounded as he's doing this to create a concave thing concave a situation here with his upper back in his core he's gonna keep on doing a couple quality reps here on the way down Stuart is really feeling his chest open up and he's pressing right back up right back down notice also that his head is neutral with his spine it's in the same line what Stuart's not doing is he's not bending his head forward or bending his head backward his head is in neutral spine this core is really tight and he's pausing for a second on the bottom as he comes down pause driving right back up squeezing the chest now here's a subtle thing about the push-up he Stuart's gonna keep on doing these as were they Stuart's hands on the floor Stuart's actually feeling like he's trying to take his two thumbs and he's pushing his thumbs together against the floor he's creating tension by the way the sums across the floor so he's not just pushing up he's also trying to drag his hands in across the floor now because there's a lot of friction on the floor Stuart's not actually able to bring his hands across the floor but the action of the pack is both to extend the arm and to add up the arm which means he's moving the arm in midline and so that's really important because Stewart's are working all the actions of his chest you can see because Stewart does push-ups properly he just did a set of like 15 to 20 where if he was just doing lazy push-ups Stewart might be able to do 30 push-ups or whatever but because he's contracting his chest pushing up on his upper back trying to drive those thumbs inward he's contracting his chest so much more than an average pushup so again some of the key form points is Stewart's staying neutral spine his core is tight he's pushing through the floor but also driving those thumbs across the ground creating that adduction moving the chest inward and that's really what creates an awesome pushup one more key form point on the way down at the pause Stuart's gonna be explosive as he can on the way up and notice in these last couple reps Stuart's getting pretty gassed so go down pause boom fire Stuart didn't move that fast there but the key is that when he initiated that last push-up he was pushing as hard and as fast as he could and I really just engages the pecs and the fast twitch fibers of the muscle that much more so those are some subtle key form points with the push-up and I hope you got some good value out of this if you're just starting out there's a chance where you might not be able to do 15 of these proper push-ups in a row if that's the case don't feel bad about starting with one knee on the ground two knees on the ground this is an awesome place to start especially when you're incorporating push-ups into a full bodyweight workout that you can do at home and we have one of those here at the fit Fowler projects our 24 minute fat burning workout that incorporates some bodyweight motions like this with something you can do with just two dumbbells and five feet of floor space if you're interested in getting that workout you can click the card above its gonna take you to our page and we'll give you that free workout via email and Stuart now gonna walk you through exactly what you need to be doing the full workout so you can start seeing fast results so I hope you enjoyed this video I want to invite you to subscribe to our fill our project YouTube channel for more tutorials like this and more great advice on eating exercise and motivation and also check out some of our other videos that are playing here on the screen because we have a lot of other great content we just can't wait to help you stay strong and probably healthy for your family thanks for being my friend Stuart and I are grateful and we'll talk to you very soon