In this exercise, Dr. Walsh is going to
show us how to do a prone scapular retraction. She’s gonna lay flat on a
table or on the floor with a towel rolled up under her forehead so that her
nose doesn’t squash right into the table or the floor. With her arms at her sides
and out a little bit she’s going to pull those arms up and back. Pulling those
scapula’s back, she’s gonna hold for a second and then relax them back down and
repeat. All of the motion is coming from the shoulder blades; it’s not coming from
the shoulders themselves but those scapulas. Notice how her shoulders stay
low to her head. Her shoulders are up not up by her ears but are coming backwards
and down towards the hips. Typically, she’ll repeat this 8 to 12 times and do
3 sets of 8 to 12 reps.