♪♪♪ Hi and welcome to another episode of Ask a Trainer, I’m your host Candice Currie,
joined here in club today with Pro Results® Trainer, Morgan Connors. How are you doing? I’m doing pretty good, how about yourself? Very good, thanks for asking. So, I’m just going to jump right into this question, it’s from Andy,
and he says he has an issue with building his muscle. He’s been going to the gym for six years,
but his arms have started to get smaller. Is he doing something wrong? So, with that we would need to know kind of diet, you know, what we’re putting into our body
versus what we’re taking out of our body, also our training method. If we’re doing cardio or if we’re doing weights and what kind of weights we’re doing. So, just to kind of brush a little over each one,
definitely making sure that we’re getting our protein in there. When we want to build muscle, we need to actually supply the resources that our body’s
going to need in order to build that up. So, making sure that we know how to time out our protein, kind of, you know right before bed.
Our bodies regenerate while we sleep and that’s going to be where you get a lot of that muscle repair which is actually how
we build up that muscle. So, having a protein shake kind of with dinner, or as dinner, right before we go to bed
is going to probably be the best to kind of get over that plateau. Second, let’s take a look at cardio. You know, not all cardio is the same and I’m
not talking about, you know, a treadmill versus a cross-trainer, I’m actually talking about zoning. So, this is going to be our heartrate, we have that good fat burn zone where we’re
targeting the fat cells in our body and really breaking those down to burn those as energy. We also have a cardio zone and that’s when our body kind of goes,
‘Oh, I need just a little bit more to get through this.’ And so, it’ll actually start to breakdown muscle. So, if we’re doing a weight program and a really hard cardio program on top of it sometimes
we can get in this loop of putting it on and taking it off and putting it on and taking it off. And then also if we are doing that weight training, how are we doing that weight training?
We would look at, what kind of exercises are we doing? Are we hitting all of the appropriate muscles within the arm? Or do we have a specific goal? Like targeting. Maybe you just want those big biceps like I just swallowed a beach ball,
you know. And then knowing kind of knowing how to isolate those and target it. And then how to structure our arm workouts. You want to be able to maintain the weight with our reps.
Typically you’d want to go 10 reps, 3 sets, you know and really have to fight for that 10th rep. You really want to give it your all because
we’re working hard for this goal of ours. And then right about that third set you’d actually want to up that weight just a little bit more.
You have to think of it like climbing a ladder. I want to make sure to stay in the same spot, but my goal is always to reach the top.
So, I want to take that little extra step right there at the end. That’s excellent advice, what a great answer! We hope that helps you, Andy.
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