devil and see it you live around here but no will you live on down the road buy you a clean bill bobble uh-huh okay do you have uniform identification on you what's your name Robert Jones Robert Jones I'm not stealing the track no that's not the problem right now will you watch your address I don't have an address something like the hotel we're working on houses and stuff I get in the roofing roofing okay all right Oh what is we got an escaping prison yeah hey just call subject wore glasses nothing back glasses can you find out I'm out with a white male on the tracks at Gilly Williams [Applause] what about take your Globo any tattoos or anything left over no no now he's clean how old is your guy you're how old which says born in 56 58 any kind of details you can give me huh collide you got well kind of turquoise blue won't give me some all right no it's not [Laughter] yeah yeah now now short shorthair my guys got skiing good here he's got a beard well a goatee like how's that picture yeah I know I got the same thing you can't see on it what kind of score okay all right let me let me just verify he says his brother stayed at the motel let me verify that and if so why was it cut him loose all right thanks you know the bad thing about it match it up to it yeah what are you saying that that a tighter seal or tidesinn where's that uh we just got into town about a week ago and he dropped me off the job I always drop about 12 miles where he dropped y'all back up there on that road fire there's construction he got me off he'll be back to old till about probably 10 minutes 15 minutes who you work for I know what's the name of the company okay did you go through a briar patch or something well yeah Griffin always roofing short cut my scratchy phone that's why your knees are all cut up they've got pads your pads where are you from I mean that's where you stay it out of Dallas Texas the what's your name again put yourself in my position I know I'm not I'm not going against her hey you would believe with them guys do I mean they got years and years and think about how they're gonna do it now I could kick when I cross the tracks down there I saw you running I said well how lucky can I be how poor you got a job – I hope these on these tracks are you gonna hit oh you don't know where you have no no I'll talk about you don't know where you're at is pores where I fall away you are from how I would try to think where you gonna hit out at right you gonna be right there product art and all this for you so the war gels motel at okay feel always dressed okay Walmart's right there go right at Walmart and there's a roll is it 165 right 165 that goes south and we're about two blocks little tiny hotel yeah you know like a motel deal parked up there and there's we we've got a camper and we try to get into the camper place but we didn't get into the there's a camper place between fall I mean not all a pine beetle and what's the next town Alexander know how it's and routes the other way the all-powerful toga I think there's a little you drop down the road down and there's a place for campus and stuff and that's where we usually stay but we couldn't get in there I promise you I'm not no can you trace in this case here to done run by now you know that yourself get it over on by now well if you can't verify me y'all forget did you see anybody or anything there's some kids up there playing that's how you saw yeah that was actually the blue your siren there's a siren and then some kids were screaming some little kids playing on the tracks and probably told me get off of them well can I don't care the only way I know how to get back don't get run over by trying there it I'm sure you can hear him way in advance give it that's why these arrested right for a train they go down this oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah they'll come not as much as our other track other track about every hour sir I'm sorry to hold you up all right I'm just doing my job man but uh yeah just be careful you probably get stopped again okay don't don't be alarmed by more line yeah okay so well this year i'll be–i'll until we find this home okay yeah 70 years old and it's been doing it since it still enjoys it yeah but um if somebody else stops having call I mean they go go through the same spiel and everything with you call you but um yeah I mean don't be a lullaby don't be upset about it you know they'll just stop for a minute check you out and everything but if you do jog again in the future carry some ID with you see I don't I'm sorry when I was in the military we never carried all right yeah all base is different yeah you know they assure you if you cross on you you got something but out here you're in civilian life you know we do the military not retired army but um yeah in the future if you're gonna jog again that way I mean if you get run over by a train I know who you are I don't have to start second-guessing who he is you know just call you got a cell phone which oh just call 9-1-1 is all you got to do now get ahold to us alright quick line there big careful buddy all right