ok, interesting fact over 300 million people travel on long-distance flights every year now that’s a flight that’s generally over four hours long blood clots are also called deep vein thrombosis or DVT for short and it can be a serious risk for some long-distance travelers now in this week’s video I’ve done some research into the best ways to help reduce your risk of developing a DVT whilst traveling so let’s begin so a DVT is a clot that forms in a deep vein and it’s usually in the leg serious health problems can occur from DVTs so what can happen is parts of blood clot can break off travel to the lungs and cause a blockage which we call a pulmonary embolism the risk of developing a DVT from travel is quite small though and research shows there’s 1 DVT per 4656 flights that last four hours or more and the good news is there’s loads of things that you can do to help reduce your risk so let’s begin firstly compression stockings now these are probably the easiest things you can wear to help reduce your risk of a DVT they
also help reduce swelling in your ankles and your legs and we call that an oedema
in the medical world now the compression stocking that you need is the class one
stocking and class basically means how much pressure it puts on your leg class
one has the least pressure so it’s the easiest to wear really and it’s
sufficient it’s good at what it does it’s fine and it helps to prevent a DVT
the length that you need is below knee okay there’s a thigh length one as well but
it’s really long and you don’t really need to wear it below knee
class one the most important thing about these stockings is that they fit
correctly and you wear them properly okay, in terms of
wearing them read the box read the information leaflet that comes with it
on how to wear them so you’re doing it right but in terms of fitting properly
I’d highly recommend everyone to visit their local pharmacy so they can measure
your legs for you and pick the right size that’s suitable for you now they
might not have it in stock they might have to order it in but it’s definitely
worth it because if it doesn’t fit right it’s not
gonna work and it’s a waste of money remember though compression stockings
don’t replace the fact that you still need to remain active and do things
whilst you’re on the flight now let’s move on to those go for a walk up and
down the aisles every hour or so when the seat belt signs are switched off if
you can do it more often that’s even better every half hour or so
you can do these mini exercises while seated foot pumps lifts toes with
feet on the floor then lift your heels and continue doing this for 30 seconds
knee lifts lift your legs to your chest with your knees bent alternate your legs
and repeat 20 to 30 times ankle circles lift your feet and draw a circle
with your toes towards then away from each other
for 30 seconds drink plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration and don’t drink too
much alcohol either as it can dehydrate you and cause immobility my last tip is
to wear loose comfortable clothes whilst traveling so basically don’t wear what I’m
wearing and also avoid taking sleeping tablets because if you’re asleep for the
whole flight you’re not going to be able to exercise you’re not going to be
able to stay hydrated and it’s not going to help you prevent having a DVT and that’s it you now know how to reduce your risk of getting a DVT whilst
traveling long journeys and if you have any tips for everyone else on how to
reduce their risk of getting a DVT as well then leave a comment below
I’d love to read it as well it’s also worth mentioning that certain medical
conditions can increase your chances of developing a DVT on long flights of
eight hours or more so I’ve left the full list in the description below check
it out and if you or someone in your family falls into those groups then it’s
really important to speak to your GP before you travel lastly and I promise this is
the last point it’s also really important and useful to know the
symptoms of DVT and pulmonary embolism so I’ve left them in the description
below please read it and that’s it finished have a great flight hey guys
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I picked the black stockings because that’s my favourite colour thought black
stockings would be a bit cooler but there’s many different colours you can
get beige you can get sand “Can you see me in that?” We can see you in it Lewis “Is it that wide?” you’re there “I’m wanting to walk past that’s all” you can go mate you can go (LAUGHTER) now the
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