I don’t know why you had to bring me to the edgy part of town cross the road …cross the road I’m not worried about being edgy I’m already edgy I’ve got a top knot bins 4 … 4 bins for one house You know ! what are they eating? Sign of a bad road… bollards I was happy to do exercise in Regents park I don’t know why we have to find an edgyer park WAHEYYY! Bloody hell i’m going to get shot! Hello youtubers! and welcome to Clean Living Clara I’m in the park! I love this park Which park is it ? It’s a great park Hasn’t been cut for a bloody week lazy gardener Today we’re going to be doing morning exercise explore the park see what we can find to really stretch our muscles! is there a coffee shop here? wasn’t …not a great start bloody hate running! bloody hate it what the fu- AGH! I think its the park, i don’t think its me fucking bee… fuck off you fuckin- Lets go to a different part of the park and pretend i’m running in other places oh! Runner no Hello! Do you have a twister ? Oh lovely! Got a twister bloody love a twister That man in the icecream van… bloody lovely polite too you wouldn’t think they’d be polite in this part of london! what postcode were we again? sw16 ? polite in sw16 You don’t here that on the news do you? bang bang bang… knife knife knife Is he still there? wonder if he’s single? Wouldnt work would it because um well i think he lives in the icecream van mmm… sensitive teeth oh my God is that a zipline? Oh my god it’s a bloody zipline Toby! Hold my icecream! How do i get over? I’m just having one go! just one Then you can have it back oh it’s slowing down oh i didn’t make it didn’t make it … oh i’m going back i’m going back Do you want it? that’s embarrasing little boys shouting at me … very rude little boy is shouting at me said i was too big for it I blame the parents actually might go and tell her where is she? best not, i’m in south london might get shot Look at them on there thinking they own it I should be allowed to go in the park on there because i pay… i pay taxes sometimes Pigeons What the hell was that? somethings squeaking oh! Ducklings very nice with um pancakes and hoisin sauce The mother’s about to attack me oh it’s coming I think it was the hoisin sauce comment sorry over the log over the other log and over this log should be a personal trainer Sarah you won’t believe this i’ve found a three leaf clover four leaves ? no it’s only got three oh Thank you so much for joining me tune in next week oh…it’s so good next week what is it next week? Watch the channel! it’s bloody brilliant loads of videos about really useful things like um… er ummm