President Obama:
Hello, everybody. I want to talk with you
about a new consumer website, It’s a good resource for
understanding the new law, and it offers a few simple tools
to help you take your health care into your own hands. For the first time ever, you can
see all your insurance options, public and private in one place. Let me show you how it works. Now, I have pretty good
health care these days, but let’s roll back the clock to
when Michelle and I were just getting started in Chicago. From the homepage,
I choose my state. Then answer a few
more questions. Based on my choices, the
system has returned options. The first points out that I may
be eligible for health insurance that comes with a job,
either my own or my spouse’s. The second option is to explore
the market for individual insurance options in my area. So let’s try that. I’ll plug in my
Chicago Zip code, and it shows me all
available private plans. This fall, there will
be even more details, like pricing information to help
you better compare your options. The page also shows you
information about insurance markets in your state and how
it will improve as we continue to implement the law. You’ll also find information on new
benefits and consumer protections. That’s why we
passed this reform, to put Americans in control
of their health care. Americans like David Gallagher
whose daughter wrote me a letter describing their family’s
anxieties after her father was denied insurance
coverage simply because he once had hernia surgery. By 2014, no insurance company
will be allowed to deny someone like David coverage because
of a preexisting condition. But right now, he can use the
finder I showed you to learn about the new preexisting
condition insurance plans. There’s also a link for
these plans on the homepage. Or Thomas Wilkes, an 11-year-old
who has a rare blood disease. As the cost of his care
approached the lifetime cap on his father’s insurance, they
were running out of options. But now under the Families
With Children section, the Wilkes can see that the
Affordable Care Act has banned lifetime caps and stopped
insurance companies from denying coverage to children based
on preexisting conditions. Small business owners can learn
about tax credits to help cover health insurance for employees
and browse through available private insurance plans to shop
for the best deal for their employees and business. Young people can learn more
about staying on a parent’s plan until age 26. There’s information about how
we are strengthening Medicare by cracking down
on waste and fraud. Features like prevention tips
and which hospitals provide the best care can inform
your decisions about you and your family. No matter your age or situation,
there’s something for everyone at So take a moment
and check it out. Thanks.