Hi, I’m Latham Thomas, prenatal wellness
expert with www.SureBaby.com. Today in our cooking segment, we’re going
to whip up a tasty and nutritious smoothie. Moms-to-be are busy, so we’ve come up with
some energy-packed recipes to help you get through the second trimester. And
now, for our smoothie. Blueberries and acai
are powerful antioxidants. Acai is rich with omega fatty acids, which are important for
fetal development. A teaspoon of powerful, little chia seeds will help to boost your
energy. It, too, is a complete protein. Banana, which is rich in potassium, will lend a creamier
consistency to your smoothie. You can top it off with a little bit of granola to add
some texture, maybe some crunch, to it. That old saying about eating for two is a
misconception. If you eat the same amount that you ate pre-pregnancy and add a smoothie
after breakfast and lunch, you’ll stay within the recommended guidelines and gain the extra
pounds that you need. Think of your pregnancy as an opportunity to eat more healthy foods
and save the more indulgent foods as a reward for eating better. If you have a craving for something unhealthy,
it’s okay. But, just indulge only once or twice a week. The key is portion control. Top it with some granola, just for some extra
crunch. Remember, the full recipe is online at www.SureBaby.com. The second trimester is an essential time
for your baby’s development and it’s important that both you and your baby eat healthy and
nutritious foods, like this.