I guess I got into supplements initially just for myself. I used to play American football. For me it is really important to get bigger, to get faster. One of the things I really needed to do was to improve my diet, but then I was also looking to get supplements to enable me to bulk up more quickly. Essentially when I first set the business up, I was looking at my competition to see what were they doing. They were focusing very much on UK brands. For me, the products I would select would be the ones from that are only available in America. It’s really an easy proposition really for the customer. Give them a better product, a better price. Previous to is working with OSF, we had big issues between integrating different systems together and we were really not that well equipped to be able to handle those integrations ourselves, so we were relying on so many different third parties and one of the consequences was we’d have issues with the website going down. There were just so many distractions to our day-to-day business that we knew we needed to change. So our business goals when we moved across to Demandware was to have a better website that would enable them to find content like they were looking for as well as products that they were looking forward to enable the website to be tailored to their individual requirements. All these things put together had one ultimate goal which was to provide a better customer experience to give us more loyal customers. One of OSF’s secrets for having long-term relationships is using the best skilled people for any particular project which we did for Predator as well and we’ve been an advisor for the team from day one. Now we are trying to achieve their goals of internationalization and the omni-channel architecture by using an international team at OSF. The data migration portion of the project was quite critical to the whole project. We needed to make sure whatever data we migrated across was the correct data and OSF were very good at making sure we got the right data across. Having OSF come on to site was quite important for us. We’re a Yorkshire-based business. They are predominately London-based, but it never actually felt like that for us. We certainly got them on site when we needed to and they were happy to travel up and see us and as much as we like the fact that we can have the convenience of technology and communicate with people, there’s nothing that replaces face-to-face conversation. Obviously they wanted to sell more products and increase their revenue, but they also wanted to interact with their clients on a social level, building communities around having discussions around the products that they’re buying. They also wanted to use that information to provide better customer service for their customers and also to implement their omni-channel retail strategy. So what is an omni-channel retailing strategy? Well it’s about unifying the customer experience across all your channels. It’s about having the necessary infrastructure in place to support the demand on your back office processes, and it’s also about centralizing and analyzing all this customer data so that you can tailor the experience for the customer and provide them with a better shopping experience. In terms of technology on this project, OSF implemented Demandware as their ecommerce platform and Salesforce as the CRM solution. We also integrated with their back office systems so we had a fulfillment platform, their loyalty system, social media, and their PRS. Integrating Demandware with Salesforce allows Predator to customize the shopping experience in the e-commerce cloud based on what they’ve done in the Community Cloud. They’re also able to build communities and get into a dialogue with their customers which helps them to understand them and understand their needs better. And with this information from the Sales Cloud and with the Community Cloud, ultimately they are able to build better experiences for their customers. So we’ve seen a number of significant improvements since we went live in October. Ecommerce conversion rates have increased by 50%. We’ve seen page loads go down from five seconds on average to under two seconds and we’ve now got a platform that’s going to enable us to branch off and open up our US operations this year – something we could never have done before.