hey guys welcome back to new video happy Wellness month November is all about wellness health and being fit and obviously food is a very big part of that and today I am here with hey guys I'm Dan Churchill chef the chef Under Armour and I'm actually running a marathon so today's episode becomes quite fit into your amazing snacks and what you're gonna be doing and then put you in line and did you guys a couple options how you can have a healthy snack start your day and celebrate yeah well yeah you guys have probably seen a lot of like fitness videos and a lot of people take before after like smoothies but there are a lot of other different snacks for pre and post workout so I'm going to share my favorite one and then then I'm going to jump in and say it is better pretty much – you guys you guys prepare the snack of Dan today yeah bottarga it's not bad I know this is your channel right oh yeah taking account may be an Australian accent as part of your body okay well anyways um if you guys are gonna try is then comment below what you guys really like so yeah the my favorite workouts neck is actually brownies I am a huge Auklet fan and well if I can make a combination between snacks and chocolate then that's a win that's a big leap plus it is super easy to make and yeah that's let's get started so we're gonna cut three bananas yeah it is better to use ripe ones because they're much sweeter unfortunately I did not have this is a good thing because a lot of people have overripe bananas they leave around for too long so this would make a fantastic substitute of that yeah exactly like don't throw them away like we use them like this brownie recipe that's actually really interesting because a lot of people don't realize when it comes to so your protein you need something to help carry the protein to the muscle so your body needs to be having readily available energy so after work I if you just have protein and nothing else you may have the ability to repair tissue but nothing to help get it there anything that's where the carbohydrates and banana coming and it tastes week into things me yeah well do you eat before or after I think does come down exactly well we got all the bananas I use normally about tree and I'm going to add two big spoons over our almond butter which is probably we're going to add protein powder and this is just henna protein I personally like to use very pure protein not with like flavors or any sugar I know they're also chocolate proteins out there if you like that then you can use that as well so remaining chocolate brownies today so I'm going to use 3 big spoons of hemp protein applause some protein powders actually are not Sweden and then I would recommend to use a little bit more at the syrup in so I'm using about 1/3 cup of cacao powder and this is one of the best ingredients for you yeah antioxidant rich it's the raw form of cacao just chocolate and so if you like chocolate just take away the sugar so now you shouldn't add your natural sweetness – right exactly I'm using a tiny bit of methyl syrup and last but not least a tiny bit off vanilla extract you just give it like a little bit a little bit more flavor and this is basically basically it now what's the meaning you can take this over is that why I think it's turn ok yeah what's the rule on this and actually having it before actually I'm looking at this is super-exciting kind of the same I just mix everything until very smooth yeah in the meantime good healthy fats and the brown needs not on a stick as well yes I have practicality values so yeah you can see this recipe is really really fast so if you have a busy life I or if you go to school or do those work the kids it's a super easy recipe and it actually stays well in the pre of all I so but how long does it last so you know you make a couple days but not if you have a cup of people in there because you will note this every time yes wicked wicked I'll teach you some Australian long the way there we go um you can see just needs a couple of ingredients and it's ready to go to oven I preheated my oven tree on there 50 all right and just put it in there 25 minutes okay guys well my chocolate brownies are in the oven we're gonna make your favorite yes just like a go-to for me so pretty much like I love cooking I love getting my hands dirty but this is one of those recipes that is so simple we tuck everything into a food processor blitz roll and your purchase order so this is a no back recipe I just want to kind of bring to you guys how simple it is and then hopefully it some get fatigue of approval so here we have our ingredients we've got dates coconut desiccator or shredded chia seeds walnuts and oats and you can get gluten free oats I would be definitely conscious of the brand you use is some have much better facilities when it comes to making sure they are actually gluten free but essentially the recipe is chuck everything in I'm going to reserve half the coconut just so I can use that to roll out afterwards it's great isn't it we've got some dates is this yummy a sweet note so dates are dried and so they actually have some action isn't it already and why I love these particularly around a workout time walnuts is that these these actually help with the high GI hit so if you're trying to lose weight specifically hide you are things are probably something you want to avoid but when you're just around your workout you need energy to be putting them right so pre-workout pop one of these great and afterwards you have the hydride here as well to recover which is fantastic so while not seeing great fats here we have the oats and I feel these are kind of like basic ingredients you should have a pitcher like oats different nuts chia seeds because I'm a Cronulla out of this I made breakfast toppings for salads so yeah it's really these are really good 100% it's like our recipes are all about the everyday program yeah so everything can be reusable you know obviously very flexible as well if you don't like oats swap it for something else almond flour for examples of great size shoe here we have chia seeds now these are we're gonna blitz them up so they're gonna not have the same effect while you're getting stuck between these before you go in today exactly and then I just single to you I have a protein that I like I've got this vanilla and the these guys actually athlete greens have a really natural sourcing so I don't like using anything it's gonna be upsetting my stomach but I always say whatever you eat whatever it is the best thing is just to listen to your body so have a think about what you're eating and play for example chickpeas are actually known to be very good for you in the health side but a lot of people can't digest them so just listen to your body that's why I say just just scoop of that in there but just adding something art similar your recipe will just give this an initial blitz it's thought the state get to an ashram TechShop it's like this and you can come feel it sticking a little bit but that's because of the actual Deitz themselves so I'm gonna I'll leave it of water to that you would highly recommend to use the dates right otherwise it doesn't yeah in this situation definitely you can do a couple of things when it comes to protein balls in general but for me it's all about the dates do you like caramel kind of effects so you can just say they come to get like a nice gooey texture and again guys when it comes to like your actual consistency this comes down to you so he find it's too wet just added in more holes so every one of the other ingredients so what we want you to do now is going to grab just a mixture of our protein ball and you can kind of shake them whatever you want you get your hands dirty you can kind of just go like that it's kind of like a little smudge right now all you want to do then dust it with coconut and now kind of help bring together so I'm gonna do the boy way just touch my hands a little bit of this gave it water get a nice and roll on like that and that's one at the top and then what you do is I mean you could put it straight in the fridge and then have it for the next day pretty much that's my favorite cuz if you get like that soft outside the gooey Center or you can have it straight away weights a bit of wash so it's up to you yeah yeah we can't wait what about brownies first and then the name there oh this is alternating between the two but you can see what I love about these is that you can actually have a book nice and tight you can see all the different seeds different gradients for you the walnuts everything it's fantastic for you and if you want to make a little variation on these well I mean you can change them not straight up yeah if you prefer like cashews over that you can do that you know add spices into it make it more of like a choice add some cardamom something like that even I swap it up entirely and oak cacao I've got chocolate one so like there's some this so much variation to it have you ever had a carrot cake ball before Oh think of a carrot cake that sounds really good and then you can find it like this and that's exactly it's like so the texture of this with the taste of a cake click okay yeah that's pretty much it you've got all this being made from that one batch and I'd recommend just putting in the fridge for a minimum of 30 minutes or if you have patience do it overnight and you have all these to work with however your workouts okay guys our snacks are ready I got my brownies out of the oven and just cool them down cut them in pieces and I prefer if there are in the fridge for like two three hours so they're cooled down and wanna actually just add these from last time was I didn't put a middle fridge yet but you want to yeah as i said i definitely recommend like minimum 30 minutes for fridge i went to an open night and you get this beautiful texture to them as well so we're gonna jump into both and see who's our favorites right okay we're gonna try them thanks they look like it's got the same texture of a brownie I know it's got no clue it's still like but punchy and there's our super fresh Wow I love okay it's gonna it's a hard it's gonna be our challenge this a really hot challenge I guess you have to make both of them and then decide because you have to taste them to determine which ones you like more pre-workout post-workout but understand okay guys so these were our favorite workout snacks and if you are gonna try this at home then don't forget to tag me in the pictures tag down in the pictures because we would love to see the results and we would also love to hear your comments if you guys enjoyed it and if they're a team work then I hope to see you guys in the next video