welcome IT squad is the velvet locks with another wonderful detox detox video for you today now we're gonna show you how to make a wonderful fat-burning tea that's gonna slim you down okay it's gonna get that weight off of your belly it's gonna flatten your belly and it's so simple it's similar to some of the other teas that I've shown you in the past but like I said this is wonderful it's fast and easy so let's start with the ingredients you're gonna need one lemon they're not be they're lemon but you're gonna need the juice of a half a lemon you're also gonna need some turmeric powder some cayenne pepper and your green tea okay now if you don't have the loose green team you can also use – green tea bags for this detox that I'm showing today and you're also gonna need 1 liter of water cuz we got a brew that tea so let's start with our video right now you're gonna need a pot and pan and you're gonna put it on a medium flame and you're gonna pour your 1 liter of water inside your pan ok cuz we got to bring that to a boil now if you have the teabags as best that you let your water boil first before putting it in there but the loose tea leaves like this one you can actually put it in your water so I'm gonna put two teaspoons of my green tea leaves in there all right so we're gonna let that come to a boil and then I'll show you what to do okay so water is finished boiling and now we're going to turn it off and let it cool and as it's cooling we're gonna allow it to steep for at least ten minutes okay so in ten minutes we'll finish this up okay so now we are finished and it's ten minutes later so you're gonna get a nice little cup monk whatever you have and we're gonna pour and strain our green tea leaves into our glass so you're gonna find a big enough cup to pour that into because remember that's one liter of water that you use next we're going to add our turmeric powder now we're going to use a half a tablespoon of tamari and we're going to use a dash of our cayenne pepper a dash of pitch now we're going to use squeeze and a half of our lemons okay so our lemon juice we're gonna put like a teaspoon of our lemon juice in there and your tea is done so if you want it a little sweet you can add in a little bit of honey to taste once it cools down a little bit more so this wonderful fat-burning detox tea is gonna slim you down it's gonna help you to get rid of that bloating in your stomach slim down that belly fat rise gonna make it go and it's gonna definitely help you to lose weight so let me know how you enjoyed it and comment down below if you're going to see more tea types videos like this and until the next video I will see you then hey fam where are you going you didn't subscribe yet well listen first of all before you go don't forget hit that subscribe button and don't forget also to turn on that notification bell so this way you will not miss on another one of my videos okay make sure that you hit that subscribe button click it and then hit that little spell and make sure that it's lit you will miss out on so much if you don't hit that subscribe button and also hit that bell next to it make sure that it's turned on so this way when I upload another video you will not miss it at all okay you will be the first to know so don't forget give me those lights thumbs up and hit that subscribe button along with the bell at the bottom and you will always know what I up another one of these videos okay so I'll see you in the next video