powerful 3 step law of attraction exercise to help you manifest what you want faster irrational fears about change whether
conscious or subconscious can prevent a person from living their fullest life
because the subconscious mind is rooted in habits and regulates a person’s life
to be as consistent as possible the conscious mind must step in to stretch
its boundaries in order to open up new possibilities and reach alignment with
what is wanted if we don’t do different things we won’t get different results
although impressing the mind with what is wanted is crucial we must be willing
to change our routine and habits if we really want to manifest our desires
following our some generalized statements about changing that might
keep a person from embracing new opportunities and cause resistance to
making what they want happen I do not deserve to be happy successful in a
positive relationship I am too old to make a major change in my life you need
an outgoing personality to set up a business successfully and I don’t have
one it is wrong to earn too much money I am not attractive enough to be in a good
relationship I should always put other “powerful 3 step law of attraction” exercise to help you manifest what you want faster people’s needs before my own myths about change tend to be over
definitive statements which say that something must be the case or that you
should act in a certain way or that something is always or never the case if
you find yourself using the words must should always or never it will almost
always be related to a belief you hold either consciously or subconsciously the
issue with these types of beliefs is that they are so embedded a person will
rarely do anything to change it however if you knew on a conscious level that a
belief was stopping you from getting what you want you would have reason to
challenge it therefore it’s very important to take note of the things
that you place these types of labels on so they can no longer keep you from
creating the change required to manifest your desires try the following process
to identify what stops you from creating changes in your life and to create new
meanings and new beliefs that move you towards your goals number one identify
your myths about change write down the statements that you say to yourself that
have impeded you from taking steps to change one way of recognizing such
statements is to think of something you would like to manifest and then see what
first comes into your mind when you complete the following sentence
I cannot achieve fill in the blank because fill in the blank for example I
cannot achieve the career I want because powerful 3 step law of attraction exercise “to help you manifest what you want faster” I always perform horribly in interviews
or I cannot have financial abundance quickly because I should be sensible and
stick to my 40 year plan number two think of an example when you allowed a
myth about change to dominate your actions and behavior think of a
situation when you allow the belief that you indicated to stop you from taking a
positive step even a small one towards change for instance if your statement
was I cannot achieve the career I want because I always perform horribly in an
interview how did this affect your actions in regard to interviews that
might have given you the career you really want write down the negative
consequences of not taking the positive steps ask yourself which feels worse not
having what you want or believing that you perform horribly in all interviews
which holds the consequence that you would most like to eliminate
would you rather run the risk of having a bad interview or would you rather run
the risk of never having the career you want when performing this step your mind
will be forced to rationalize that learning to perform well in interviews
through practice is much better than never having the career you want this
encourages your brain to challenge the correctness of your old belief so that
you’re able to explore new possibilities write down an alternate positive
statement that you can use every time your old belief attempts to stop you
from making change start your phrase powerful 3 step “law of attraction exercise” to help you manifest what you want faster with the words just because for instance
just because I’ve had some interviews that I didn’t think we’re great doesn’t
mean that I will perform that way again and even if I do it’s not the end of the
world it’s only a few moments in time versus a lifetime of not having what I
truly want the more practice I get in interviews the better I will become at
performing the way I’d like to the next interview I go on I’m just going to
consider it as practice because I’d much rather change how I feel about job
interviews then live without having the career I really want
number three take physical action steps towards making the change you want
now that you’ve revealed to your mind why not changing is irrational it’s
important to show it why this is true to make this belief real in your mind
you must follow through with some type of action that begins to build the
neural pathways in your brain think of a new belief that you are forming as a
thread that spans from thought to manifestation this thread holds some
weight but it isn’t solid enough for the brain to pay much attention to you
because there are tons of other beliefs that are so much stronger when you take
action towards your new belief you add another strand to your thread making it
even stronger simultaneously by powerful 3 step law of attraction exercise to help you manifest what you want faster neglecting an old belief the threads
that form at begin to disintegrate until it finally disappears each time you
reframe your thoughts and take more action you add even more threads until
finally this new belief looks like a rope that reaches from your mind to what
you want once the rope is in place a firmly
established belief is formed in the mind and this creates a pathway for what you
want to find you when you take action to change you give
your brain more experience to work with and more threads to add to the rope of a
new belief every action counts it doesn’t have to be perfect and if you
consider it just practice you won’t beat yourself up when it isn’t it’s all trial
and error and all people go through it do anything and everything that is new
to you regarding what you want and you’ll build this rope very quickly go
to new places actively search for opportunities say yes to all invitations
and embrace new people and new experiences the more you change the more
your reality will change with you and the more you tell your mind what will
happen rather than allowing it to dictate consistency the more you create
a pathway for a new reality of your choosing to manifest in your life powerful 3 step law of attraction exercise to help you manifest what you want faster