Bla..Bla..Bla..what a vigorous Youth !! shining face, magical eyes, powerful wisdom Powerful words, outstanding wellbeing Optimum Zeal and Spirit Strived to achieve the altitude of success Blissful life, Nobody can stop to achieve ambition Bla…Bla..Bla…what a vigorous youth ! What does it happen? Youth power possibilities and capabilities are being withered due to the bad habit of Evil Masturbation just like flowers in garden wither without water It happens because excessive semen loss results emptying of necessary proteins, vitamins and minerals We will talk about how to get rid of Masturbation, Seminal Fluid Weakness and how to preserve semen Before that, we want to tell you about Dr. Sylvanus Stall’s logical message to parents Nobody has listened and thought about such warming till now Dr. Sylvanus Stall said Parents are doing unfair with children to not have made them aware about Evil Masturbation The Base “Character is not being strengthened” by parents but they teach children only about how to fill the stomach and finally disappeared from this world The outside world is full of with such negativity that Youth is automatically being aware of Evil Masturbation due to bad association Before that alarm children on right time about evil masturbation before the age of 10 years Parents should put much effort to make a robust character of children The intellect of children would be developed to such an extent that they can be the inspiration for other youth who are caught by Evil masturbation Nowadays youth who follows the path of Sex transmutation & Brahmacharya asks only one question They relapse within a few weeks and loss semen They feel guilty after semen loss You can not conserve semen just by mere thinking but you have to be more serious in this regard to conserve semen we will tell you about By applying these tips you would be able to get rid of evil masturbation and seminal fluid weakness Before that, we want to give you some useful information on Sexual Intercourse Uncontrollable sexual thoughts lead to the release of Dopamine hormone in the brain After releasing of this Hormone you feel sex pleasure After continuous release fo Dopamine hormone, you are urged and tempted towards sexual intercourse The person is able to feel 30 seconds of actual sensual pleasure during the whole duration of sexual intercourse That is called Orgasm Semen Ejaculation is included within this 30 seconds After semen Ejaculation, Brain & Nervous system take minimum 45 minutes to get normal and that’s you feel sleepy Some persons try to increase Orgasm timing by using Viagra Medicines Nervous system gets affected due to the effect of drugs When you go against your body system just to increase few seconds of sensual pleasure and It costs a lot, body system also goes against you after some time You become dependent on operation and Medicines to lead your life It is wise to achieve permanent & lasting happiness through sex transmutation It is also known as Sahaj Samadhi We will try to give information about Sahaj Samadhi in another Video Let’s talk about Do not cover your body full while you sleep Always have cold water bath Give cold water shower to your sexual organ for 2 to 5 minutes twice a day It is knowns as Shishinendriya Snan It reacts abnormally and causes seminal fluid weakness Mature yourself fully before marriage This is the most important part of Lifestyle So take care of your health Vitalise your muscles daily by morning walking and exercise Stomach functions well, blood circulation improves and strengthens nerves You will have a calm and happy mind Gradually it increases enthusiasm and confidence It has a positive impact on all organs of Body, It increases sexual strength, reduces unnatural sexual desire, helps in sex transmutation Inactivity is death itself Save yourself from negative thoughts There is proverb “An idle brain is the workshop of a devil” Keep charging your brain with positive thoughts and soothing music during leisure Keep on roaming in fresh air A scholar said Practice “Mulbandh” empty stomach daily in the morning Sit in Padmasan or Sukhasan Breath out and compress your anus and sexual organ, keep it as pulled back, try to remain in this position for 40 seconds Practice this five to seven times There are several tips but we have emphasized on “Mulbandh” in this video because Mulbandh is the King of all Tips Keep it in a glass bottle or bowl, take it one spoon’s full with water daily in the morning & evening These tips will work 100% Morning Meditation is very beneficial to divert your power of seeing, hearing and listening towards perfect knowledge and experience Please pay attention to one of a logical example which will boost your self- confidence This example is logical and direct When you reach the top of a mountain and see below, everything seems small and tiny Here we get a good lesson if we compare it with life Troubles, difficulties, and challenges seem big All challenges seem tiny when we reach the top of knowledge & experience Challenges can not trouble you but you become fully able to overcome all challenges People at the bottom level are not able to see the fact what you see at the top of the mountain You saw a beautiful lake on the other side of the mountain and it is evident to you If a person at the bottom level tries to falsify the vision of the beautiful lake, how you can agree with that We are still living at the bottom level if you say Brahmacharya not possible which is made possible by the people of good association, knowledge and practice The day we reach to the top of Knowledge and Experience, We can also witness the beautiful lake and the beauty of life It would be evident to us We will keep on presenting video series on Sex transmutation and Brahmacharya Videos are created by Team manthanhub after due research We would request you to share this video with others so that everyone could get a base and family to build a Good personality and character See you again in the next interesting video Thank you