Anything specific that bothers you? No maybe look at my neck. I hold a lot of tension in my upper side of my body like between my shoulder blades and it between my Atlas. So do yoga every day still run? Yeah, I ran yesterday awesome still like eight miles plus Yeah, you know I actually I’ve been recovering I have a An Achilles issue that I’ve been nursing, But I think its a tendon not a joint issue Well take it off we’ll take a look. Okay? Yeah. Yeah shoes off. Yeah I’ve known this guy for 25 years Do me a favor, face down lay down. Yeah, this is what I’m talking about. Okay, okay Stop I’m pressing about this much just to give you a heads up. I’m not pressing much So that’s what I’m saying that all that pressure will go into your Tendon, right? It feels a little rough but tomorrow if I do the same thing I can probably go about four or five times deep Okay, turn around fees down All right, have you ever seen one of these skates before so rapid really All right, let’s take a look here You know, this one’s coming a little closer than this one Yeah, that’s exactly what I’m feeling with this set here. See how this one’s a little I’m gonna do a drop tip. All right All this is just gonna drop down like that one more All right All right, all these muscles on this side All right, why don’t we use this here All right, let’s take a look at you right through here in a pose with the shoulder You grab the whole head I’m gonna move to the SAB go Right in here. And you feel you already felt that pop right there Same thing this side good All right. Let’s have you go on your back. I Moved out just a little bit big bear hug there we go and give you Nice and relaxed do go right through here There we go. Nice and easy My arms your stomach from the Jar back here again a headaches. No, but you feel stress right here. Yeah Just say You a nice little one more hard but there goes nice and gentle Same thing in the other side well There we go All right single eyes All right, since you abuse your feet all the time we’re gonna Justin – all right grab on to the side of the table Mm-hmm. Perfect. I’m gonna try my best to throw you off the table. You try your best for me not to do it. All right I’m gonna try to go this way. Okay All right, so it’s gonna be a nice and quick now just try to have these nice little eyes All right good Wow Dare I kill Ya same thing on this side this one’s gonna be a little bit of a quick, okay and one more Good All right So stand up and move around a little bit. See how you feel Awesome