[ Music ] – Take a trip into the culinary experience
of Taiwan with this far out dish. It starts off with a
warm, peanuty flavor, mixed with a slight spice
from the red peppers. Then comes the
mouthwatering chickpeas with a pop of sweetness
from the pineapple. And it’s topped off with
a more-than-righteous sauce. Served over warm rice,
this meal will make you say, that’s a lean, mean, garbanzo bean.
[laughter] [ Music ] – I like it a lot.
I like the sweetness of the pineapple. I like that you caramelized
the pineapple. – It looks amazing, and it
really has great, great flavor. – The flavor balance is really nice.
– I’m from an athletic population, so I think about nutrition recovery and
how this fits into an athlete’s lifestyle. This is – it’s perfect. – If you were to do this again, you might
want to try, just to see how it worked, is, instead of sauteeing the chickpeas
in hand, roasting them in the oven. And if, like, crisp those chickpeas up a
little bit, where it was, like – almost, like, kind of crunchy, it would give
another sort of textural element. I really like the sauce a lot. I think the flavors on it
are really nice. It’s fun to eat. – I love the brown rice. I think that really adds
a nice additional flavor. I also love the pineapple in it.
I think that it – thinking about the texture, that additional kind of
crunch in there is really nice. – It smells amazing, and I’m
really glad that you guys decided to put the red peppers back in
because it does add a lot of color, so it looks more appetizing.
And it takes really good. – Thanks, guys.
– Great job. – Great job. Great job.
– Thank you. – Thank you.
– Great job. – Thank you. [ Applause ] [ Music ] [ Silence ]