hi guys welcome to another edition of PG
tips here performance ground today I’m going to talk to you about periodization
and maintenance for team sport athletes so my name is Sam guys I’m the new coach
here for the morning shift at performance ground a little bit about
myself from New Zealand’s and I enjoy rugby
calaf thing and all things gym for those of you don’t know periodization is the
systematic way of planning and athletes entire calendar year of training and
competition so that we can mix things together and make sure we’re peaking at
the right time what do we want to achieve with our plan three things
mainly we want to build robust athletes we want to minimize any non-contact
injuries throughout the season and we want to improve any of the specific
physical attributes that relate to the specific sport that we’re training for
so we can start talking about just the general theme of utilization and team
sports we’re mainly going to focus on our
insensate approach but I thought it would just be good just to give you a
quick brief update on the other kind of aspects of our periodization plan so the
main ones are our offseason plan our preseason plan and which we get to in
season four our offseason will focus on what we call general preparation phase
preseason we then go into what you call a specific preparation phase and now in
season we’re trying to maintain all of the work that we did throughout the to
getting specific into our in season approach there’s a few what we call
generalizations made for ten season sport we’re going to be reducing the
volume and reducing the frequency of our in gym sessions and that’s mainly due to
an increased sports focus and then the third and final we’re going to try and
maintain as much of the Train intensity as we can the next thing I want to talk
about is the type of periodization will be using mainly for team sports will
use what they call an undulating periodization procession this is on the belief that
throughout your training weeks you’re going to be continuously peaking for
that game either usually on the Friday or the Saturday the assumption of this
model is that we’ll build and be able to maintain workload throughout the week
begin to drop volume while maintaining their intensity towards the end of the
week for what we will call a constant peaking cycle the common question is how
does a performance coach get the desired result and it’s mainly through personal
experience research and then the actual process of manipulation of train loads
which is the for example the weight on the bar next is our volume so the total
amount of work done throughout an entire session frequency the number of training
sessions per week so then we have frequency which is the number of times
performing a certain movement or task we take careful consideration into our
exercise selection so those four main things is kind of how will manipulate a
training program to fit either offseason preseason but focusing on and seizing it
so essentially just to digest everything the main role of the maintenance program
is to keep the players and shape healthy and on the park playing as much support
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