Can I get some help in here? I think she might have some ll that might be cap refills good I think the most rewarding aspect of this job is pushing them far out of their comfort zone, making them do hard things, pushing them to do things they don’t even know how to do. Well, Texas Woman’s University has a true legacy for Texas and the country we’re one of the oldest nursing programs in the state and actually west of the Mississippi. We are the largest public university primarily serving women. Our academic programs, our centers of excellence, and a lot of our initiatives evolve around the needs of women and their place in society. We have three campuses, one in Denton, one in Dallas and one in Houston. Each one has its unique culture, its unique student population, but we are one college. The population of students that come to Texas Woman’s University is very diverse. Many many of our students are the first ones in their family to go to college. Despite that we are a University primarily for women, men do occupy 11% of our student body. Our Ph.D program at Texas Woman’s University has both an online and a hybrid delivery method components. We’re excited to see who your participants will be. This PhD from here and accessible in this city actually offers me a flexibility to, you know, fulfill all these roles, being a wife, a mother, and a working professional. The best things about graduating from this program is seeing within the region how big TWU is and how many people know that once you graduate from Texas Woman’s University, they know you’re going to be a great nurse. They actually put oxygen on. They turned it up a little bit. We are expanding our rural outreach to bring access to advanced practice nursing education across the state of Texas. Hi Maya. I’m a nurse practitioner. And Doctor Tietze has asked me to follow up on you today. So we have now embarked upon being one of the twenty six universities where you actually teach telehealth as part of the curriculum as opposed to having the providers learn telehealth after they graduate. How does that sound? Texas Woman’s University has five nurse practitioner programs. Many of our clinical faculty are actually practicing nurse practitioners, and so they bring a unique perspective to our students. So let’s do a pH of seven point two five. One of the programs that we have is our RN to BS program for practicing nurses who either have a associate degree or a diploma who want to go on and pursue more education. The Veterans Affairs nursing academic partnership program allows us to share the talents of both TWU faculty and the VA system and their nurse educators. That’s it, keep up with the difference. And so the interesting phenomena that I see at TWU is that our students transition from students to mentees and then often to colleagues, and that is something is very special to us.