knees at 45 degrees here Pilates ring out to the front of you we're just going to be tucking under and rolling back and squeezing the ring at the same time and then come all the way up toll on the sitting bones tuck under roll back and then come back up tall again pull the shoulder blades together as you tuck under and roll back the lower back should be going into a C shape as you tuck under curl into that C shape squeezing your lower tummy and tuck under hollowing in the lower tummy trying to get it go inwards rather than outwards and doming as you come up tall comes up right onto the sitting bones tuck under roll back and then come up tall the last thing to think about is pulling your shoulder blades together a little bit as you pull backwards so trying to get that coordinated the lower back is going into a C shape but the shoulder blades are pulling together and you're keeping wide through the front of the chest okay tuck under roll back it's very normal to get a little clunk as you come back up onto the sitting bones you almost want to feel that it means that you're coming up tall and you're working on that posture tuck under roll back so you should be mobilizing the lower back you should be working the abdominal muscles we're working on your posture and we're working on your arm muscles at the same time good okay keep coming up tall in between brilliant last two of these remember to keep scooping in the lower tummy brilliant we're going to rotate on the next one tuck under roll back rotate tap the elbow now I want you to really feel like we're rotating down through the spine as an axis so rather than rocking from side to side we're rotating through the chest at the bra strap level or mid upper back if you're a man stretch that elbow straight up scoop in that lower tummy keep strong through there dig your heels into the floor you don't to work your hip flexors too much although it's accepted you will be working them a little bit on this one good form or c34 okay we'll get a stretch in between stretch the legs out in front if you hook the ring around and curl forwards so quite a nice hamstring stretch here breathe into it you can hug it around the toes good stuff the same thing again but we're going to stay to the side and we're going to squeeze in for 20 then we're going to come to the other side and squeeze in for 20 so start up tall point the toes pin the legs together tuck under roll back rotate and squeeze in one two three four six seven eight nineteen twenty straight over to the other side you can prop the elbow down on the floor if you want to another ten ten brilliant come for strip forward and stretch it out so it makes it a little bit easier if you prop the elbow down on the floor but you might not necessarily have the range to get there come up tall come out to the front so I kind of roll back squeeze in with the ring pin the shoulder blades together tuck the bottom under squeeze in the tummy rotate to the side same again twenty other side pin those shoulder blades together scoop a tummy in and brilliant come forwards and stretch it out good stuff now shuffle forwards a little bit roll down onto the floor okay so we're just going to have the ring out in front of us drop the shoulders down to the floor pull the shoulders away from the ears tuck the chin squeeze in with the ring a little bit right leg up to tabletop scoop in the tummy left leg up and then we're just bringing the arms straight up above the head as you stretch one leg out it's a one leg both arms at the same time school easing him with the ring at the same time go ahead keep those ribs down tummy in five six seven keep the shoulders down away from the ears shoulder blades pull down the chest wall at the back ribs connected down to the pelvis at the front stretching that leg out each time good work good four more sir three last one good then one leg down at a time bring the ring in towards the chest okay so one of the most misleading abdominal exercises of all time looks easy but it's actually very hard I'm going to bring the right leg up the tabletop have the ring on the front of the knee there elbow out shoulders down other leg up other hand behind the head chin to chest shoulders off squeezing the ring as you push the other leg out doesn't look like much but if you're doing it along with me you'll agree it's quite difficult four five six seven eight nine ten five more if you can two three four five brilliant head and shoulders down keep the legs where they are swap over ring on the other knee hand behind the head stretching out and squeezing in one two squeeze in the tummy three try and maintain that little arch in the lower back four five six eight nine ten five more two three four five excellent one leg down at a time and then the body down okay I'm going to bring the legs into the ring I'm going to be pushing out into it we're going to do a couple of roll-ups squeezing out into the ring activating your glute meet on both sides glute meet stabilizes the pelvis really important muscle if we work it in conjunction with your glute max as you tuck under and roll up then wonderful good tuck under roll up okay one last one of these and then we're going to add in a leg extension good sit tuck under roll up straighten out the right and down left and down roll back down same thing again come up straighten the right straighten the left and roll back down roll up right left and back down keep going do three more of these keep pushing out into the ring or you'll lose it secunda roller as I am one say good three more last one brilliant coming on to the side so I'm going to do some more glute me deck sir sizes so ring between the legs or legs between the ring I should say took that bottom hip backwards bottom under ribs under shoulders down in fact let's come up onto that elbow come up out of the shoulder so we're working the shoulder a little bit to there we're just lifting that knee so it has to stop at the ring there it stretches it a little bit but it has to just stop at the ring there's something about this that keeps you extremely strict around here and it makes it quite difficult good so keep going so I use these rings quite a lot in my classes and a lot of people end up buying them because they like it as a piece of equipment it's quite Universal you do loads of things with it strengthen through the arms strengthen through the glutes it's really good for stretching as well which I'll show you at the end five more feet up the hip height and go again just keep tapping that pad if you try these without the ring definitely not as difficult let's do ten more six seven eight nine ten and then just to finish off stretch that leg out and pulse up and down into it I six seven eight nine ten another ten ten brilliant other side good okay so feet through balance on it with that bottom knee bottoms hooked back up onto the elbow and then just lifting here stay strong through this elbow remember shoulder I mean five six seven feel free to adjust as much as you need to feet should be in line with your bum bottom under bottom hips hug back ribs down tummy working good this side should already feel harder we've already worked a little bit on the other side ten more five six eight nine ten feet up to hip height if you go again I ate last ten five eight nine ten brilliance okay so we can just do a few arm exercises with the ring as well so if we can sit cross legs literally you can do a few bicep so it one hand on the floor we can squeeze in and come back up let's do ten of these you really need to squeeze quite hard on this one far I keep the tummy working chest open six seven eight nine ten let's do another five say three five brilliants at the side one two three why six and five more really squeeze two three four five excellence we're just going to lie on the front so come down by yourself okay wings going to be out in front of you we're just going to be lifting and lowering working those shoulder blades pull the shoulder blades down at the back keep the chin tucked bottom touch under eight activating the tummy thirteen fourteen fifteen minutes squeezing together one two three four you're hardly get any squeeze eight nine ten eleven that's important fifteen bring it behind you around your bum bottom under chin touch shoulders down away from the ears reach the fingertips down toward the toes lift up and squeeze in you're hard to get any squeeze four five six eight nine 10 11 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 brilliant okay come over onto our back for the laughs exercise that's activating things we're going to just be pushing down into the ring for a set of hundred so other hand behind the head right legs a tabletop little arching the lower back shoulders down away from the ears squeezing the pelvic floor pick up the other one chin to chest shoulders off and pushing down three four five six seven eight nine twelve thirteen eighteen nineteen twenty thirty forty nine fifty okay stay up at the side of the hand behind the head and off we go one two three four five six seven eight nine ten to five six seven eight nine twenty I keep the elbow wide let's see five six forty less than six seven eight nine fifty well done so as I promised let's go if you through a few stretches here with the Magic Circle which are really lovely roll the answer back toes in okay come into this position make sure you open out through the chest pull the shoulder blades down the chest wall ribs down try and stay relatively in neutral around the pelvis and then we're pulsing it so we're pushing the leg up pushing the heel up towards the sky or the ceiling depending on where you're doing it let the ankle go free so you're pulling the toes down towards you pushing the knee away and the heel straight up that means you get a nice nerve stretch of sciatica nerve stretch down through the back if you keep the chin tucked in the chest open that will intensify that stretch a little bit good five more five brilliant swap sides other leg up toes in pushing straight one so you get the shoulders the way is high six seven eight nine ten seven okay just equal things off we're not going to use the ring for this one but we are going to stretch it out through the cord at the front and hip flexor if you touch your bottom under squeeze in the tummy chin tuck shoulder square even through these stretches make sure that you get everything in a good position work outside okay there we go the workout with the Pilates ring on the Magic Circle you can get hold of these on Amazon or any of your physiotherapy or medical retailers for very cheap and it's a really good way to do a workout so follow me on now on my Facebook page Kim Sahar physio and Pilates snapchat Kim soccer physio Instagram and subscribe to me on youtube help me develop this channel into something much bigger I'm releasing a video every Monday so hopefully you'll find them useful