My name is Joseph Feaster. I am 65 years old
and I live in the town of Stoughton, Massachusetts. I was a diagnosed in 2001 with prostate cancer and February of 2002 I decided along with my wife in order to
get a radical prostatectomy, so I had the
surgery in 2002 One of my Feaster idioms is you know I don’t worry about what I
can’t control but i wanna take charge what I can
control and what I determined throughout the recovery
process was that one of the things I could do is to pay closer attention to my health and what I decided to do was to go and begin exercise to do walking to start out
with things which were basically things that I can take charge of. I’m not a
gym rat so therefore I didn’t feel like going over to the gym I have equipment at home but more
importantly you can do something just like picking
up some sneakers and go walking and so I decided to do that
I’m at a point where by I have a regimen that I use for my walking a I would
probably say it’s a mile and a half to two miles and the it’s relaxing its scenic and it just gives you a chance to think
if you like you can you put music on I’m not what I want to focus on what I’m
doing so I focus on on on the walk itself
taking the nature as I’m going after I walk I feel great in fact the since I’ve been walking I’ve also
advanced onto doing some other types of exercises so I
went and got a video for p 90 X now I laughingly tell folks I
can’t yet do p 90 x I call it P 270 X because I have to devide the program into several different portions but I
can tell you even haveing been doing that for a number of years now I would probably
say I’m probably P 180 X and I’m moving to end my goal is to be
able to do the p 90 x except for maybe the yoga
one. There’s some yoga exercises I think I’m gonna leave alone so I don’t wind up
back in the hospital The advice that I would give someone first
and foremost store I’ll with what makes you happy don’t try to do what Joseph Feaster has done you may start at a different place
you may decide that it’s better for you to get you motivated
that you wanna go to a gym you can turn on a television go to
Comcast or Xfinity or whatever you have they have all the sport fitness ones and
they have the once for beginners intermediate and advance they have all types of
cardio exercises they have yoga so what I
to say find what works for you but do something reality is doing something I’m now 65
years old I feel really fit you know able to do all that I want to do and i think it is in
large part you know with God’s blessing that
I’ve been able to after 13 years to be able to feel as fit as i doing to
be able to do it and i think is largely because I took control up my life and decided to
exercise Finished! I did it! (Laughs)