[ MUSIC ] In Jeopardy!, built into the
game is this notion of confidence — that it’s not worth answering
unless you’re sure. And in the real world, there
are lots of problems like that. You don’t want your doctor to guess. You want them to have confidence in his answer
before he decides to give you a treatment. You’re never going to replace a trained
doctor or a nurse, but certainly a system like Watson could be a physician’s assistant. It could help to check on
things: did you consider this? Did you consider that? The management of diseases
is phenomenally complicated for any given especially chronic disease. There are all sorts of nuances. You know, it’s not one size fits all.>>FRASE: Suppose a 45 year old
guy walks in with chest pains; how are you going to decide
how best to treat him, not just to treat the average 45
year old guy with chest pains?>>CHASE: We’ve got patients that are
incredibly complex with what I would call, our computer scientists would
call “conditionals.” All that is computable.>>JASINSKI: Watson will be able to look at all of that information and answer
questions about it. Watson is very applicable
to those kinds of queries and the urgency of that, the speed of it.>>CHASE: Twenty percent of medical
errors are diagnostic errors. And it’s not that they’re missed
diagnoses; often, they’re delayed. Watson has the capacity to get
the diagnosis up there sooner.>>JASINSKI: Suppose you’re a
clinician, a doctor, a nurse, trying to diagnose a very complex case. You have some ideas, but in
order to confirm your hypothesis, confirm what you think is wrong,
you need a lot of information.>>CHASE: For at least 30 years, it’s
been humanly impossible for a physician to master all the material they need
to practice at the highest level. Biomedical literature has
doubled in size every seven years, but the patients want those
facts at the doctor’s fingertips.>>IWATA: We would like some help to narrow the
choices and ultimately pick the right decision. And I think in that regard, Watson
is a very necessary advance.>>CHASE: It is the effective and
efficient storage, retrieval, analysis and use of biomedical
information to improve health. At the end of the day, the
goal is to improve health.