one of the aspects to think about when
we look at meaningful data at scale is this you know evolving landscape of data
privacy data security cyber risks that we’re confronted with how do you deal
with all of that as you pull together these exciting datasets we will not be
able to pursue this paradigm alone and this really is about a collaboration
collaboration with many of the other important partners in healthcare you
know it’s it’s about physicians it’s about patients it’s about healthcare
systems about payers you know medical societies governments you know
policymakers and and and with other industry quite frankly and and for us
that partnership with patient is going to be absolutely critical you know
having people understand the value that that we can bring you know through this
new approach to personalized healthcare through data and analytics but for the
but for them that you know the the value that they’re getting by participating in
that system by bringing their data to bear but that’s not gonna go anywhere
unless we are trusted collaborator you know where they know that their that
their data the privacy a question the security questions have been addressed
and are as high a priority for us as they are for them