– Hi everyone, it’s Derek
here with Gamer Body and in this video, I’m
gonna be doing a review on the perfect fitness
home pull-up bar system so let’s jump right into it. Alright so let’s quickly cover what the Perfect Fitness pull up bar is. Like the name says, it’s a
pull up bar system that you can use at home, apartment
or even in a gym I guess if you wanted to as long
as they had a doorframe to get in your pull ups,
chin ups, leg raises, all of those great exercises. There’s really not much to
it, all you gotta do is take the pull up bar, walk
up to your doorframe, slide it so it fits onto
the door frame’s back end and that the leverage on
the front keeps it from sliding out and then you
just put your hands on and you keep your weight
on the bar and you can do your pulls ups, chin ups, leg
raises and get all of those exercises that you need done. Alright so let’s quickly
cover the different versions and pricing for the Perfect
Fitness pull up bar system. There are three different
versions that you can buy. There’s the elite, there’s the pro and there’s the compact version. Now I’m gonna go over
the compact one for you since that’s the one I
purchased but note that there are others but I’m
also explain why I’m not using those ones as well. So the compact one comes in
at 29.99, when I bought it but I did get a little
discount because I used some of my Amazon reward
points so I did buy this from Amazon, got the free
two day shipping ’cause I have prime so if that’s
you, great, I recommend that you buy this one, it’s
very cheap, under 30 dollars to get a great pull up bar system. Also, I purchased this
back on February 3rd, 2018 so I’ve had this for a couple months now as of releasing this video
and I’m gonna go over some of the pros and
cons later but just note that it has lasted all of those
months with flying colors. And a quick why I didn’t
buy the other versions, you really don’t need all
the different hand grips that the other ones have. Honestly, all you really
need is a pull up bar that has just the three
main grips and that is all you need to get in great shape. Don’t get sold on these other
gimmicky pieces of garbage. Just get a pull up bar system
that works and only has maybe three max grips that you’ll need. So let’s go over some
of my favorite exercises for the Perfect Fitness
pull up bar system. Number one, like the name
implies, are the pull ups. So pull ups are the number
one exercise I do with this and it does a great job
getting what I need done as it provides the grips
right where your hands are in order to do pull ups. The next exercise is chin ups so again, you have the hand grips
where they need to be in order to activate
your biceps and your lats to do this exercise while
just using your doorframe. So the third exercise
is the hammer pull up. Yes, it comes with the hand
grips for you to do this so you simply walk up, grab the handles and do those hammer pull ups to activate more your lats as well
as some of your biceps. And then my other favorite
exercise is the leg raise. So you can do this pretty easily. You just gonna hang from the bar and lift your knees up while contracting
your abs in order to do it, so another great exercise for this bar. And yes, there are tons of
other exercises you can do but these are my main go
to exercises when I’m using the Perfect Fitness pull up bar system. Alright so let’s quickly
cover my pro and cons list. Staring off we have it’s
sturdy, light and compact. Yes, this thing has
lasted a couple months now with no issues, I don’t even
have to tighten screws yet and it’s still working fine. I probably should tighten
some screws but so far it’s worked great and
I feel like it’s stable every time I use it. The next one, it’s compact
so it’s not one of these bulky pull up bars that you
see on the market today. Really all it is, is just what
it is, a pull up bar system that gets the job done. It’s also very lightweight
so when you need to put it up and take it down,
there’s really no issues for it to get in place. It’s super easy for me
to get it on my frame and start doing my pull ups, chin ups, whatever needs to get done. Alright my second pro,
is it’s nothing flashy. It just gets the job done. Again, that’s all you are
looking for for a pull up bar, you just need one that gets the job done so if you want the best of the best, I recommend the compact
version and not those other elite and pro versions
because it’s just a simple device that you can use
to get your pull ups and chin ups and stuff
in, you don’t need one of those flashier ones. The biggest pro overall is
that it has left no markings or dents on my door and
I cannot say this for any of the other pull up bar
systems that I’ve ever bought. Every other one has
either left black markings or indentations in my door
frame and that has always been a problem so I’m
so pleased with this one because it’s the only one for
me that has not left markings. Now I can’t guarantee
this for you but just note that for me, it has left
no markings or indentations in my door but again,
that is not guaranteed. And my last pro is that
it is a great price, coming in at 30 dollars or less. For the value of this product, you are not going to beat that. Don’t look for any of these
crazy towers or anything like that, these crazy
contraptions that you put in your door, just get the simple,
easy to use pieces of equipment and you will be happy you
did and you’ll save a ton of money on this one for the value, it really cannot be beaten. So for my cons list, I
actually only have one con and that is that the horizontal
bar that goes beneath the pull up bar that you
actually grip to do pull ups is below the curve bar
that hooks into your door and I wish it, usually went
above it so in the instructions they tell you to put it
below, I think you could probably put it on top and screw it in but because the instructions don’t say so, I built it based on those instructions and I really think it should’ve
been designed with it above. This way in case the
screws ever did come loose, I wouldn’t just crash
instantly to the ground, I would get caught in the curved, the curved setup of those bars and be able to save myself a little bit. Now I never felt like
I was going to fall yet but you never know, could
happen, something could, like some freak thing could
happen, the screws could fall out and then I’d end up
crashing to the floor, probably breaking my knees in the process. Alright, so let’s round it
all up and ask the question, would I but it again? And it is 100 percent yes,
you could probably guess that ones coming so this
is the best pull up bar system I have ever purchased. It is hands down the best one. Price wise, compact, light,
durable, all of the things that check off my boxes
for the best products that you can buy in the market. I also checked Amazon
at the time of purchase, I think it had a 4.6 out of
five stars when I reviewed it and since it comes in
at 30 dollars or less, really can’t beat it for the price and value that you receive. This really is the best
of the best on the market as of making this video. Alright and that is it so I
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