– It’s still pretty kinda spicy. Is that a thing? Are millennials spicy? Is that the flavor that we like? – I love Diet Coke.
– I love Diet Coke. – I love Diet Coke.
– I love Diet Coke. I might drink a can a day. – Don’t drink a lot of soda, but when I do, it is Diet Coke, bar none. – In high school, I would
drink Diet Coke every morning at 8:00 AM. – Me and my dad, we would
just drink Diet Coke. – Such a cool bonding device.
– Cool device. – We’re Diet Coke fans, so
we know there’s new flavors. We just haven’t gotten
them in our possession yet. – [Director] So these
new Diet Coke flavors are marketed for millennials. What do you think of that? – Are they light pink? – Like millennial pink? – I feel like I’m gonna like them and I’m gonna be embarrassed
that I like them. – I mean, if they taste
good, then I don’t care who they’re marketed towards. – LaCroix is like exploding everywhere, so I think it makes sense
that they want to branch out to flavored Coke. – Everyone’s marketing
towards millennials. I don’t know why because
we have no money at all. – What about it is millennial like? Is it gonna be like Instagram? What does that mean? – Let’s try the new flavors.
– Let’s try the new flavors. Jinx, you owe me a soda. – Nice one, nice. Okay, this one smells very strong. – Smells orange-y. – Maybe it’s like an orange citrus. – Cheers. – This is really hard to determine. – I’m pleasantly surprised. – Love that, I really do. – You still taste that
faint blood orange-y taste, and it’s like perfect,
still Coke-y, that’s a word. – It’s just like too vague. Maybe if they committed to
the flavor a little more. – It could mix well with
vodka or a citrus-y vodka. – These are made to be mixed
with alcohol for some reason. Is that the millennial? I’m just here to figure out
why this is for millennials. – This just smells like straight Diet Coke.
– Smells like Diet Coke. – It smells like slightly
vanilla-ish potentially. – I love vanilla. – I think this is the ginger one. – So this one smells like ginger ale, which I’m also not mad about
because ginger ale’s great. – Is it just me or are all of these spicy? – Or it might be like a lime. – It’s definitely
– Ginger lime. – Ginger something. – It’s ginger lime, so
we’re actually both right. – Yeah, it really doesn’t
taste like Diet Coke, which could be a good thing
for people who don’t like it. – I feel like these are a little too light with the flavoring, but I like this combo. – I 100% think it’s millennial. – Yeah, isn’t ginger supposed
to be like a health benefit thing or something?
– So I did a detox that I couldn’t shut up about for a while. – Wafts it.
– Wafting. – I feel like I’m at a wine tasting. This is definitely black cherry. – I’m getting a hint of fruit. – Ooh, grape? – I’m getting a hint of
millennial verified on Instagram. – Cheers.
– Cheers. – Cheers.
– Cheers. – I get a cherry feeling. – That tastes like regular Diet Coke. – It’s like really,
really weak black cherry. – Should I gargle it? – Yeah, I dig it. – Because it just tastes kinda normal with like a little bit of kick at the end. – I was not gonna say
yes to that question. – Are we guessing or
are you telling us what? – Feisty cherry.
– Oh, okay. – Honestly, I was really close.
– Feisty cherry. – Feisty indeed. The moment you open this
can, you take a whiff, the smell’s there. – It tastes like a spicy cherry. – This looks like a little spritzer can. – I like the branding. – There was Cherry Coke
in the past, right? – I feel like we’ve had
Cherry Coke for a while. – There is Cherry Coke. There is Cherry Coke now, I think. – Oh, this has distinct something. I also have a bad sense of smell. – Whoa. – Whoa, that’s strong.
– This is strong. – I want to say melon. – It’s like a candy but I can’t tell. – It’s passionfruit-y. – It’s like millennial bloodhound. It’s mango. – I feel like it tastes like a candy. – It’s a fruit rollup. – This would go good with coconut rum. – This is really good. I don’t know where
mango became so popular, but we made it hot, just saying. – I’m perplexed by this one. – Mango. – I love their adjectives. – This reminds me of freshman
year at UMass, I can’t. – Definitely my number one. – Very millennial. – I was just making an
Instagrammable photo there. – [Director] We’re not
Instagramming right now. – Okay, Diet Coke number one.
– Number one. – I would say mango. – Okay, mango is definitely number one.
– I like the orange one a lot. – Stick to the basics. And then ginger lime. – Orange or cherry could be number two. – I like the Feisty Cherry second. Yeah, you agree? Okay. – This is our lineup. – Lock it in, final answer. – Part of their millennial advertising, they’re like millennials,
they’ve seen lemon. You know what they haven’t seen? – A lime.
– A twisted mango. – [Director] Do you guys
feel so millennial right now? – I feel very millennial. – Considering we just
tried to arrange them to look nice on Instagram, yes. – I would drink all of them. – I would totally do Twisted Mango with a nice classic vodka on ice. – Maybe some lemon vodka
to mix with this orange. – So you’re doing more
of a bartender vibe. I’m just trying to get a little bit drunk. – This looks, oh the
shadows are very cool. Okay, one, two. – We gotta take it in portrait mode.