Peach Peach Peach I have so many peaches in my fridge. So this time I’ll be trying the *DRUM ROLL* ‘One day’ Peach Diet Yay. Hey, wait! Did you know that peaches are rich in antioxidants preventing heart disease stroke cancer and other chronic inflammatory diseases? They are a good source of fiber and rich in micronutrients which leads to ultimate weight loss. I really like to clean fruits and vegetables using this baking soda. You just have to sprinkle baking soda into your fruit then you just scrub it. Then after giving a bath to your fruit you wash it with water. Make sure you wash it with cold water so that your fruits don’t get warm when you’re eating. Here’s my clean peach. Now, It’s time to peel off the skin using this sort of knife. (I prefer this knife) There’s like a huge seed in the middle (in the core) so I’m just going to eat this. I’m going to put it here. This will be my breakfast. I just came back from the store and from my first class. Yeah. (Giggles) This is a simple OOTD. It’s just a white shirt. This is like a skirt? It’s a skirt. Yeah So basically I bought this salad for today’s lunch. I’m eating with the peach. I’m going to eat some greek yogurt with peach today also. This is for my room. This is for tomorrow. It’s really crazy that these days, this flavor ‘Mara’ ‘Mara’ flavor is really popular in Korea. Every food is coming out with ‘Mara’ flavor, like the chips, mostly chips. Oh yeah, noodles and things like that. So it’s pretty crazy and people love it here and the companies are trying cool stuffs. So check it out if you guys are in Korea. I’m going to try this tomorrow. YAY! This is a ricotta cheese salad. As you can see, there’s some cheese and corns. And this normal salad. I think this is a balsamic vinegar sauce. I’m going to distribute this evenly first. I’ll mix the sauce well. Now let’s distribute this. Oh my god. **** Let’s distribute this evenly. Like in the morning, I already cleaned the peach, now I’m going to peel off the skin. I also ate peach for yesterday’s breakfast. After eating peach for today’s breakfast as well, I came to a conclusion that not all peaches taste the same even though they’re from the same farm. I mean that’s like obvious..But, Today’s peach was not sweet. Yesterday’s peach was quite sweet. But for today, it was a bit sour. (So Sour) I guess I had lots of vitamin C. Because normally I don’t really eat vitamins. I try to take vitamins from natural food from fruits or veggies or from the sunlight. That’s vitamin D. Anyways, I don’t really like to eat pills. Even though they’re vitamins. I hate pills. Now It’s time to cut the peaches into pieces. It’s actually pretty nice. I think ricotta cheese really goes well with the peach. I’m sure you guys are wondering about this food since I told you guys that I’ll be doing ‘one food diet’. But then I thought, if I’m doing one food diet for a day, I want to lose weight. BUT I still want to be happy at the same time. I said that I don’t want my diet to crash in the future. I want this diet to be sustainable even though I’m trying different sort of diets. And I’m so happy right now because class ended 30 minutes early. That’s the first reason. Second, I slept well yesterday, so I’m happy. (Normally I have insomnia these days 🙁 so I’m not satisfied with the sleep cycle.) The weather is very nice. I’ll show you guys later how the weather is today. Today is very sunny and there’s no ‘fine dust’. Apart from ricotta cheese salad, I also like to eat salmon salad. Salman is my favorite!!! Salman goes well with everything. Bread Crackers Rice Even with seaweed!!! This was my point of view while I was eating. Let me show you more clearly. Wait a minute. Pretty nice, huh? Oh My god (THE CLOUDS) So pretty!! Everything’s pretty today. It’s not even hot or cold. It’s a bit windy but it’s fine. Oh my god, it’s so pretty today. I really like the clouds. Right? So there’s slices of peaches and greek yogurt. I’m going to add some honey. I’m just going to swirl it. Okay. As you can see there’s pieces of peaches. Now I’m going to add this sparkling water. It’s original peach juice. Peach tea? Sparkling tea?