Paying for health care can be confusing. Lots of jargon and a bunch of rules and restrictions that can be tricky to
navigate. How did it all get so complicated? A simple truth is that
health care costs are high. In fact, as our country has grown over the last 50
years, so as our health care spending. So why do we – the consumers of health care
services – have to pay part of the cost of care? Shouldn’t health insurance just
cover it? There are good reasons for sharing the costs between the health
insurance company and the insured – that’s you. First of all, it can help control
overall medical costs while keeping quality high. It helps protect you from
paying the full cost of expensive medical services while keeping monthly
premiums lower. Tthat’s because cost-sharing sets a limit
to the amount you’ll have to pay during the year. Finally it helps people avoid
using services they don’t really need. After all, most people will think twice
about using the emergency room for something better handle that urgent care
or at a regular clinic if it costs more to go to the emergency room. To bring you better value for health care services, member-focused health insurance
companies like Dean Health Plan negotiate among high quality doctors,
specialists, hospitals and pharmacies. This saves both you and the health plan
money. We hope this was insightful. Thanksfor watching!