So after finishing my first year of
college I was 18 at the time I was working for my father’s construction
company he’s a framer so he built residential
houses and I was on the second floor of a house early morning in June 12, 2003
and because of… I made a mistake and I didn’t really pay enough attention to
what I was doing and ended up about falling in the stairway hole a two-story
so from the second floor to the basement and I hit my head on the ground and
fractured the six vertebrae in my neck and damaged my spinal cord so I’ve been
paralyzed since that day. I’ve been quadriplegic. So for the first couple years it
was tough I could say I was a bit lost I didn’t know really what the future would
hold for me but finding the sport of wheelchair rugby gave me a new passion
and allowed me to set some goals for the future and that was important for me to
get up in the morning and know exactly what I wanted to do or work to achieve
you know a dream of being on the national teams because when I started
that’s what that was saying I want to compete at the Paralympics. It is a
tough sport and teams are getting better and better so you know you can’t slack
at home we after we have to work out to work hard to be competing at that level
so you know typical week is probably five or six days of training sometimes
twice a day it could be just and it’s not only on in gym time it could be
watching videos, studying the sport, but it’s the weightlifting it’s
doing some conditioning with your hand cycle it’s of going to practices doing stuff on your own and plus we’re on the road a lot. Me being a player on a
club team I have a club team the provincial team in the national team so
I travel quite often and not home very much so it’s a it’s a busy or
full-time job. I think I’m one of the players on the team that’s the most
disciplined when it comes to nutrition it’s something that I had just in 2010
after being cut from the team that had to compete at the World Championship in
Vancouver I was obviously devastated and I’m like okay I need to be better at
what I do off the court so I met a sports
nutritionist so I try to do as much as a good job as possible it’s hard
to be perfect but in my eating habits and then same with hydration studying
the sports so watching video once in a while I mean all these things will make
a difference when you’re on the court but it’s stuff that you do when no one is
looking that’s sometimes the most important