– Hi, my name’s Pam Wilson. Today is the start
of my new adventure. I put myself in a position
where I became a large person. I didn’t know how to
manage myself anymore. Well, I plan on doing the pool
this morning I think first and then I will venture
to the exercise bike. I have struggled with
my weight for many years since I was a child. December 28th of 2015, I weighed myself and I was
at my highest weight ever and that was 299 pounds .8. I needed some help. Couldn’t do this on
my own any longer. I then was referred to the
Weight and Wellness Department at Dartmouth-Hitchcock. My goal now is to
reach 199 pounds and be under that weight limit. I try to keep busy
throughout my day with my exercise routine
and I’m pretty much nonstop but that’s the way I like it. – From the start,
we knew that Pam was in it for the long haul. – On my first day, I had a
two and a half hour visit. I started off with meeting
with my health coach, Allison. – [Allison] I introduce
them to the clinic. I see if they have
any questions, kind of identify what has
worked so far for them and what hasn’t and really kind
of working with the patient and saying what can we do to really put the power
back in your hands to steer your own ship? – My big dream is
to go on a zip-line and if I can reach my 199
pound goal for my weight, that’s my plan to take that
leap and go on that zip-line. – From the start, her
having that attitude of I’m really ready to do this is what set her on the
right foot right away. – [Pam] After my
visit with Allison, she introduced me to Deborah. – As the nurse on the team,
I do the fitness assessment piece of our initial evaluations and work with patients
to set activity goals. – [Pam] I’m at the
gym three times a week for an hour in the morning or three times a week at
the pool doing aqua jogging for 45 minutes. She wanted to make sure that
I could maintain my own goals and that they were
sustainable for me. At home, I’m doing
40 sit to stands, 40 squats daily, 40 kettlebell exercises. I started 40 wall push-ups. I then went in to meet with
Tara who is the dietitian. – We talk more about why
we’re eating, food triggers, lifestyle changes and maybe
making better food choices. – I made several
different recipes that I had never made before. Turkey meatballs. I’ve prepared a pulled pork
recipe for this evening. This is the first time that
I’ve roasted vegetables. I also made a healthy chicken
soup for this week too. And after my meeting with Tara, I met with Dr. Beaver. – We screen for the most common adverse health
consequences of obesity including diabetes,
pre-diabetes, high blood pressure, high
cholesterol, fatty liver and sleep apnea
and several others. – [Pam] Some of my
labs came through as in the pre-diabetic range. – [Cathy] I think
that Pam was very open to hearing about the diagnoses and I think it scared
her a little bit. – It’s my health and knowing
where I’m at right now, I’m not the healthiest person and I wanna be that
healthy person. – She was ready to do
what she needed to do to improve her health. – After my first session, I had received so
much information and I looked at my
mom who came with me and I said wow to her. I knew that this was a program
that I wanted to be in. – [Allison] And it’s been
really nice to see her kind of grow and transform and
she’s made leaps and bounds in a very short period of time. – [Pam] I need to
be healthy again and that’s important to me. – Our goals are based on what
the patients want to achieve. If it’s zip-lining, absolutely. (calm music)