Pairing your fitness tracker with your phone To pair your fitness tracker with your phone you’ll need to have the TomTom Sports App installed The app lets you sync and see your activities, stats and goals Make sure that Bluetooth is turned on and start the app Log in with your TomTom Sports account and press Get Started at the top of the screen Then, connect your fitness tracker to a power source If you connect your tracker to a computer make sure to wait until TomTom Sports Connect has completed updating your device before you continue Press the button on your tracker and swipe down until you see the Bluetooth icon then press the button again to start the pairing Select Band in the app and your phone will look for your tracker When you select it, your tracker will display a PIN Enter this on your phone when prompted and then finish the process If you want to manually start syncing after the pairing has been set up simply pull down on the Latest screen to refresh the information If the devices are connected it will sync the latest information and you can see the progress at the top of this screen