this is gonna be tricky Ben but I believe in myself this year well hello everyone its maker seen again and where are we we're in my gym yes I have a mini gym at home because I don't like to leave the house let's have a dog what were we doing so it's that time of the year where all that new year new me is still lingering have you broken your New Year's resolution yet I haven't because I don't have one but in the spirit of you know good health and self-care or whatever I thought it would be fun to challenge my body and really push myself to the limits test my strength and see if I can do my nails on the elliptical is this a stupid idea again is that what you've come to expect yes should anyone else do this no we're gonna go hard in 2019 simply fit logical where's all your nail polish it's right here let me show you as I squat this way it shows your squat all right check out my bench press you even lift bro yeah I lift bottles of nail polish yes this is a real exercise right yeah sure yeah I'm lifting 12 milliliters bitch we have my acetone fits really nicely right in this cup holder so that's good but I don't think the elliptical makers were thinking about how someone paint their nails on this cuz like there's not really a good table I need more surface area so instead you're gonna have to hand me things when this has been easier on the treadmill yes actually speaking of doing things on a treadmill Mikey recently did this but her makeup it was pretty good it was a pretty hard sweat if I do say so myself but I swear to you that over a year ago then you suggested that I paint my nails on the treadmill but at the time I didn't have a treadmill and I was like I also don't want to get on the treadmill so I never did it was that me just telling you to go to the gym is that what that was but I'm here now on the elliptical because I'm not allowed on the treadmill some time ago a physiotherapist told me that I just can't run it's not good for my knees and my feet or my lower back and I was like okay can't argue with the doctor all right let's get going what program should we do today how about one with lots of mountains this routines only 15 minutes so I'm probably just gonna repeat it a couple times or however long this takes hopefully not too long and we're also gonna track everything on my watch okay that's me let's go why is my heart so high already I'm dying begin first things first we got to peel off these printer nails oh you still have last week a machine was on me and this week I'm on a machine how about that we oh no we're going up a hill no help no it's hard well beyond the second step how was it hard already it's level nine Ben oh we got it boy take this put it in my chili bag it's over there don't lose it Healy another pili this is a lot harder on the legs when you can't hold on to the handlebars we've got to work that balance girl we're gonna that core strength feely I don't think I have good posture do I there you go we're done woohoo now I'm gonna need some acetone to clean around the edges got it okay oh wow I almost just drank this cuz I'm like I'm thirsty okay this is really stupid isn't it oh god oh god oh no is this how I become skinny legend I try to be healthy but you know my mind is just so sick aren't you guys excited you're gonna get to see my full nail transformation in just two hours lose 10 nails and only 24 minutes you say lose nails alright now I need to wash my hands of the oil so we're gonna have to do a quick run to the bathroom circuit go quick wash your hands this is what they do in football right I don't know okay we must be very careful because it's sideways I'm gonna have to go slow okay trainer hey if I spilled all my nail polish I could say I lost 12 fluid ounces in two minutes would you click on that woo competition's heating not starting to sweat now oh wait no my nose of it when you want to be healthy but also look good are you wearing makeup at the gym do I look like I'm wearing makeup at the gym I'm simply all-natural okay like all natural no plastic in that face then it weird when girls like do their makeup at the gym I don't really get it cuz you're just gonna sweat through it and you're gonna have to take it off like immediately or at least change your makeup unless you're making youtube videos I don't get it I don't want to look hot at the gym okay I just want to be hot because I'm sweating alright so update we're on level seven and I'm just waiting for my base coat to dry energy I've got a lot of energy do you usually listen to music at the gym actually no because I watch YouTube and I just watch all my own videos like a narcissist just kidding I can't stand myself can I get a hooray for south positivity in 2019 but more than anything I watched a lot of totty totty I love you oh she's such an inspiring woman tattoo you put a cream on her face I put a cream on my face Tachi says be healthy I'd be healthy oh my god I totally forgot to file my nails could have made a video about how I get in shape with my nail file okay the base coats dry but I'm not been pass me the pink polish why what level 11 think we're gonna have to turn the resistance now you know what I like to resist exercising all right shake it up yeah upper body strength my simply sporty spice ya know I'm on Team Canada let's go Team Canada go we're gonna slow it down a little cuz workouts do that you know they go high and then they go low I I don't know the science but that's what they do are you doing a hit high high-intensity interval training you hit on you okay okay but but wow man I thought I was gonna be able to do nail art but I came back oh my god I can barely pay my nails properly so I think we're gonna you know skimp on the nail art what I could do in all my other videos yeah what else is good guys did you know that you know I'm at the gym I'm still wearing sweat pants you gotta keep going you're cheating I'm working the but I wanna be an Instagram model you know I'm gonna do ten exercises to grow a big booty in four days you see my sweat you know it's actually just a mac fix+ I just you know sprayed myself with it earlier to keep all my full face of makeup on alright how's your heart rate what zone are you in it says it says I'm dying this video is taking too long even though it's only gonna look like I was on here for 15 minutes so far it's been 26 minutes okay that's not that far away oh I'm feeling the side burn buddy oh god I got it on my skin oh no I did get okay that one was not good like forget that one forget the thumbnail I said that youtuber this is the one time I asked for water instead of tea I just shove my lip you know when you do that it's going like this and then you shove the straw like up into your like nose almost you know no one uses a straw and they're working out right yeah I might regret this but we're gonna try some nail art let's see what we can do Ben could you pass me the liquid latex a gradient sponge and another polish that orange one we're gonna get hit who it's like those American Ninja Warrior courses I'm gonna try to put liquid latex around my nails so I can do a gradient let's see how this works out oh god this is a one hell of a fitness test imagine like in beauty school they were like okay now hop on the treadmill and put your eyeshadow on we're gonna let the liquid latex dry that would that make sense none of this makes sense you know I've seen a lot of comments recently about your weight loss on either the YouTube videos they mean people are commenting about a woman's figure on the Internet but can't relate actually though I took come in another yeah I don't know I mean yes if you look at me now versus my videos from a couple years ago like yes I've changed I guess talking about things I'm just trying to be a little healthier you know I started doing yoga my favorite poses shavasana ledges line down yes you want the real teeth about simply an analogical secret you won't believe what I did you know just by eating healthier foods and trying to exercise and swapping sugary drinks for tea there it is BAM there's my video when I talk about how much I like tea I'm not talking about fit tea okay simply real talk for a second okay I'm not a big fan of all the weight loss videos or trends on YouTube because I don't like the culture of them to be honest now not all fitness videos are bad definitely not but it's like I watch one good well researched fitness video and then my recommended feed is full of how I lost 20 pounds in two weeks or what I eat in a day to look like a model or how to lose 10 pounds of fat while you sleep and all that kind of it just makes me sad that's so sad so much of the good parts of health and fitness is overtaken by like the click they crack these are the thumbnails we click on because we feel like we've got to click on them and cuz we got to learn that and we gotta be like that cuz we all trying to be Instagram models that's all they see right not if you follow me what I eat in a day as a Victoria's Secret model that's not you know a standard body type that most people can live up to I'm never gonna be taller than five four actually I take that back jenna Marbles recently got taller so maybe there is hope for me just so normalized to comment on women's weight on the internet whether they're losing too much or losing a vital or gaining weight yeah it's just shitty that that's such a big part of internet culture and something any woman online has to do then you are so smart if yourself a man who understands how hard the feminine ideals of beauty are on you as a woman alright let's get back to business shall we doing our nails on the elliptical that's why we came here not for serious conversation next step is doing a gradient wait I got to think where does this color go ok this color goes here it's a lot harder to think when you're tired and sweating now I understand like you know MTV's the challenge oh my god I'm gonna need like a big cookie after this ok we gonna dab the cactus damn girl she looking good after 25 minutes on the elliptical oh my knees are feeling it now this is me when I'm 80 you know look at that can't really see it much but it's there okay oh yeah I mean I think one gradients enough right I swear I'm like sweating into my eyes and it's salty and my eyes are stinging is that normal am i okay I would like to to let the world know that I have yet to stop moving and I've never been on the elliptical for this long it's been 53 minutes is my bag sweating a little sweaty oh my god I'm gonna get electrocuted is I like to finish off my workouts with a bang oh I need some grip strength you're gonna do your upper-body workout after this this is the upper body workout then oh yeah look at that hollow taco she worth it she was the 57 minutes of cardio activity there's a certain video just like me panting happen final step Pass me the glossy chocolate use a nice thick coat of glossy taco preferably not while operating machinery that's what we like nice and slick or she slick she glossy just like my face I was gonna do my other hand but I don't have enough energy left imagine if I did this at a real gym like how quickly would I get kicked out it might make people stare at me more and that would be awful so in terms of difficulty how does this compare to painting your nails on the subway or on rides at Disneyland oh this is much harder no contest at least on the subway on Disney rides I could sit down I think more than anything the required physical exertion to do this is impacting my like mental capabilities and and so it was hard to actually concentrate to get the pain exactly where you want it to go because I was so exhausted oh I didn't realize painting your nails is such strenuous and mental activity hey you yeah you make sure you subscribe to my channel because look how much hard work I did for you don't forget to click the notification bell to get notified every time I upload a video hey let's see what we accomplished today whoo all right everybody thanks so much for watching and I'll see y'all later but thanks Ben