My name’s Doctor Anna Robins and I’m Programme Leader of Exercise, Physical Activity and Health. The aim of the programme is to produce graduates that have got certain skills and knowledge to be able to help people in the community change their lifestyle behaviours from poor to good. It was one of the courses that came up on Salford’s website and once I read it I didn’t need to research any more, I knew that it’d be the course that I’d enjoy. No other course I’ve seen on any other university website is like this course. It’s just incredible what you can learn from psychology to physiology and nutrition. Some students will go into advanced personal training, setting up their own business, cardiac rehabilitation, exercise referral is another big area. During my time at university I’ve set up a little business, which is online nutrition health and fitness coaching for new mums and I wouldn’t have had the skills or the knowledge to do that if I hadn’t have been here at the University of Salford, so it’s been absolutely life changing so far. At level four they study human physiology. They’ll do exercise design and fitness instruction, which is one that leads to a REPs qualification. They’ll do bioenergetics and nutrients, so that’s learning about nutrition. They’ll do innovations in physical activity and health, which is about learning ways in which to get people active and improve their health. We’re able to do testing, and testing real life things like the new Fitbits and gadgets as well as exercise testing. In level five we develop on that, so nutrition and health, advanced exercise instruction, exercise training context there’s research methods. Then as we get into level six, the very very highly modules then in advanced training prescription testing, eating behaviour and dietary intervention, so working out why people eat the things they do, rather than it just being, what you should be eating and what you shouldn’t be eating, it’s about learning how people’s eating habits have been structured over time and breaking those down to improve the health of the nation via that. Then they get to work with special population groups at cardiac rehab, and they do exercise prescription interpretation at level six. We’ve got great facilities here, human performance labs, access to gyms. All the labs, the testing, heart rate monitors, pedometers, everything – they’ve just got everything here, it’s great. During the programme they get the option to undertake modules that will give them access to working in industry whilst they’re studying. I will be taking a work placement this year with Being Well Salford. All the tutors have got really good, close industry contacts. The staff are great on this course. If you’re struggling with work they’ll help you out. They’re very user friendly so they’ll reply to your emails within the same day. The facilities here are brilliant. The staff, the lecturers are fantastic and they’re very knowledgeable. With regards to lecturers, all of them have inspired me in one way or another. The university has been so welcoming and I couldn’t have asked for anything more really. If you’re interested in health and exercise, this is the course for you. There’s some big showbiz names that you get to come across, so the likes of Scott Quigg, the University have worked with him so you get a real insight into it, not just being academic but that it’s used on a real life, day-to-day basis. Think very carefully about beyond the degree. Who is it you want to work with and what’s the area that you want to work within. Obviously, it’s completely different to something like Sports Science. If health and fitness is what you’re about just do it; apply straight away.