Hey everybody, it’s Wonder.. I mean Doctor
Jo. Today I’m gonna show you some exercises for Osteoporosis. So let’s get started. So my grandmother had osteoporosis, and it was really sad watching her just kind of have
those fragile bones and not be able to do very much. When she had it, I don’t think
there was a lot of research out there showing that weight training is really good for osteoporosis.
I think people are scared cause you hear this “brittle bone” thing and you don’t want to
use weights cause you think it’s gonna make it worse. But getting that stress on those
bones, the right amount of stress, not too much stress, actually helps make the bones
stronger. So using weights, using resistive bands, is the best way to go. The first exercise
is gonna be a squat with a chair. Your gonna spread your feet out a little bit wider than
you would with a normal squat. This will take a little bit of pressure off the joints, but
you’re still getting that good weight resisted exercise. So usually you’d be about shoulder
width apart. Take your feet slightly further out than that. You’re gonna use your chair
as a target, but don’t sit all the way down. You’re just gonna kind of tap your bottom,
and then come back up. Try and keep your knees behind your toes so you’re really sticking
your bottom back, looking for that target. So come down, tap it just a little bit and
come back up. If you need to sit all the way down, that’s fine, you can do that, but try
to just tap it a little bit, so you’re really getting that strengthening portion of the
squat. So coming down, try and keep those feet nice and flat, and then come back up.
Just start off with about 10 of these, and maybe work your way up to about 20. So the
next ones are gonna be standing doing a hamstring curl. Now with the hamstring curls, if you
have ankle weights that’s probably the best, but you’re gonna start off with no weights
at all, see how you feel. If you feel good, then you can get some ankle weights, like
1 or 2 pounds, and then use those. You want to be nice and upright, keep the top part
of your leg straight down if you can. And then you’re just gonna bend at your knee bringing
your heel back to your bottom. So it’s going back this way and slowly come back down. Try
not to bring it forward, if your hip flexors are tight, that’s what happens, it will come
forward, but to get the right exercise, you really want that leg to go back, and you’ll
feel a little pull in the front. And then slowly come back down. So make sure you do
both sides with these, so still kicking back and then coming back down. And then adding
weights if this is too easy for you. Then the next one is gonna be a heel raise. So
with your feet about shoulder width apart, make sure and hold on for balance if you need
to, just come up on your toes and slowly come back down. So don’t just plop it back down.
You don’t want to hurt the heels of your feet, but nice and slow and controlled coming back
down. So up and back down. So then the next one is gonna be for your arms, and you’re
gonna get a resistive band or weights. So with the band, make sure you step on it nice
and firm. You don’t want it to come flying back up to your face and pop you. But you
want it tight enough where you have already some resistance with your arm all the way
down. Keep your elbow by your side and just pull up into a curl, and slowly come back
down. Don’t try and do this. A lot of times people want to bring that elbow up, but again
that’s changing the exercise a little bit. So keep it nice and close. Curl up and then
slowly, and controlled that band back down. So again, starting off with just 10 – 15 of
these. You can work your way up 20 – 25. And then if this gets really easy, you can get
a stronger resistive band. And then the last set of exercises, again, you can work your
way up to having ankle weights or using a resistive band, but I’m just gonna show you
without anything first, and then you can progress as you get stronger. So it’s just gonna be
a 4-way hip movement. So starting off, keep that leg nice and straight. Keep your toes
pointed forward, and you’re gonna kick out just a little bit, and then come across your
body. So it’s kind of a 1, 2 movement. The out, and then coming all the way across. Make
sure and hold on to something if you need to cause you don’t want to be off balance
and then end up falling over, even if it’s just a finger on that chair or counter top.
And then back and forth. Try not to turn your foot out cause again that changes the muscles
you’re using, keep that toe forward. Almost like you’re leading with your heel to go out.
And then swing it across. And then the last one is going forward and then coming back
as well. So again, it’s a movement. It’s not just stopping here. It’s going all the way
back, and then all the way forward. So again just starting off with 10 – 15. If you get
to 20 – 25, then you can add a little ankle weight, or then start using your resistive
band. So those were your exercises for osteoporosis. If you have any questions, leave them in the
comments section. If you’d like to check out some other videos, go to AskDoctorJo.com Don’t
forget to like us. And remember, be safe, have fun, and I hope you feel better soon.