>>Have you lost weight recently without trying? Do you have a sore mouth or a sore throat, or do
you feel too tired to cook or even the thought of chewing seems like too much effort for you? If so, an oral nutrition
supplement might be beneficial. What is an oral nutrition supplement? Well it is a nutrient-dense product in a
beverage form that is a way to get your calories and your protein in without all of the
effort of preparing a meal or chewing when you’re not feeling up to it. So there are lots of different
products that are available, and I’ll kind of start with the powder products. Besides the ones that I have here, there are
also protein powders that you can get at GNC or Whole Foods or various other places,
and those are also options as well. But some of the products that are already kind
of pre-made are Carnation Breakfast Essentials. This is a very common and popular one. You find it in the oatmeal and cereal
aisle at the grocery store, and you know, it was made kind of more for
kids running late for the bus, but it is a good way to get
calories and protein in. You do mix it with milk, and if you’re
trying to get calories and protein in, you’re probably going to want to use a
whole milk product to get more calories in. But it would be lactose free, so keep that
in mind if you do have a lactose intolerance. Another product that is out
there is Scandy Shake. And Scandy Shake is something
that you’re not going to find in the grocery store aisles,
but you can order it online. And this is specifically meant for weight gain. So it is about 580 calories
when you mix it with whole milk. And it doesn’t have any vitamins and minerals
to it, so if you have any taste changes, like a metallic taste, during your
treatment, this would be a really good product because it is not going to have that after-taste
that some of the other supplements might have. Other products that are common
are the Boost and Ensure, just keep in mind these are brand name products, and there are products out
there that are generic. Wal-Mart makes a generic,
Meijer makes a generic, so there is nothing wrong
with doing a generic version. What I want you to do, though, is
make sure you get the plus version, because the plus means you’re
just getting more calories and more protein for the save serving size. You don’t want to drink a ton of
these when you could drink six. So the Ensure Complete or Ensure Plus is one
product, and then the Boost Plus is another. It’s kind of like Coke and Pepsi, certain
people like one better than the other, so if you didn’t like one,
don’t discount all of them. Okay? And they come in lots
of different flavors. Another product that is out
there if the milk based products or the shake products are not tasting good
to you, there are juice-based products. So these are lighter. They don’t have the same fat content. They don’t have the fiber content, so they sometimes sit a little
bit easier on your stomach. Ensure Active is something that you
can probably find in any pharmacy, just like the Ensure and the Boost products. It is a little bit bigger
product, it is 10 ounces instead of the 8 ounces, and it is 180 calories. The Boost Breeze is a little bit more
concentrated, so if you are trying to get the calories in, this is 250 calories. Protein wise, it is pretty similar. This product is harder to find, though, and you
would have to go probably to the Nestle website or Amazon.com for the Boost Breeze. There are total meal replacements
that are out there. They are meant to be more
calorie-dense, and more protein-dense, like a meal would be, about 500 calories. The Boost, very high calorie, is a product
that has 530 calories and 22 grams protein, and then the Anew product, both of which
are going to be available online is 480-490, depending on the flavor, and
it has got 25 grams protein. So both of these are potential products
if you were really not eating meals, and wanted to get more calories in. If you have special dietary preferences
that you like to follow, such as organic, or you don’t like using GMO products,
the Orgain is a really good product. The Enu also doesn’t have any GMOs in
it, and it has a few organic products, but this is the only one
that is totally organic. They also make a vegan version if you have any
problems or any preference from that standpoint. When it comes to allergies, most
of these, with the exception of the powder forms, are
lactose and gluten free. If you have a soy allergy, then your juice
products would probably be the better idea or the Orgain product. Those are all soy free. And then of course you could
always try a whey protein powder or something along those lines as well. So what it boils down to is preference. You try different products. And if you are wanting to use some of these
products, you can contact the Nutrition Services in the Cancer Center, and we
can give you samples of most of the products that I have here. And then you can try and see
which one is your preference, because it really is a taste preference. Some people swear Boost is their favorite, some
people swear it is Ensure, and some people only like the juice versions, so you have to
find what works for you and go with that. [ Music ]