this shouldn’t be hard if you’re not
seeing the progress you feel you deserve you’re slacking off Gold Standard Whey was the first protein
powder that I ever bought and ever used it’s pretty hard to ignore a name like Gold Standard Whey when the first walk into a supplement store. But I went with it. It tasted great. I’ve had no reason to ever look back since. Optimum Nutrition has been
around for a long time and the reality is we have a lot to lose if we get it
wrong, so we won’t get it wrong. Optimum Nutrition tests every batch of Gold
Standard 100% Whey here in-house which is unique to us. Optimum Nutrition has from the beginning made sure that their formulas and products meet the needs
that consumers want so whatever we say is on the supplement facts panel is
actually in the product. Unless it’s validated in science we will not
compromise our integrity to sell a product and that’s something that we
guard very very carefully. At Optimum Nutrition we partner with our consumers,
we won’t compromise on taste, we won’t compromise on quality. You are
getting consistent best-in-class taste quality and our commitment that this
product will deliver on everything it promises we won’t renege on that promise.
Optimum Nutrition is a brand synonymous with integrity it’s been around for 30
plus years and has built one hell of a relationship with its consumers for me
personally it’s a brand but I feel comfortable recommending to my clients I simply won’t recommend any product that haven’t used or researched myself and
believed in and trust. We won’t ever cut corners when it comes to delivering the
best quality so our consumers can achieve with performance goals. Lots of
brands say the bes,t lots of brands say they are number one, but there is only one
most reviewed, most awarded, best selling whey protein powder on the planet… that’s Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey and we think that’s a pretty big deal