Hello I’m Santi, Dr. O’Connor’s patient and I’m going to talk about my experience with the App Airway Gym The App, as we already know, is used to fade out or even eliminate the Apnea through some myofunctional exercises. The App has a simple and dynamic interface that lets us create a profile and perform the exercises using our mobile’s touchscreen It does provide a daily control of the exercises and a graph that shows the results day month and year Quite useful to follow our progress It also has a daily alarm that notifies us about the time to perform the exercises and it has a contact section to make any doctor consultation My personal experience is very positive I was diagnosed by severe Apnea and I had an operation but it wasn’t enough It was thanks to the App and the consistency to perform the exercises daily that made disappear my obstructibe sleep Apnea and the severe Apnea was reduced to small hypopneas. That’ why I think that if I keep doing the exercises consistently the time when the hypopneas completely disappear will come Well, that’s my personal experience and I would like to congratulate Dr. O’Connor because thanks to him my recovery would not have been possible not only the surgery but also the exercises that have been of great help with my problem related to the Apnea That’s all, ciao, regards!